uh hi yeah sorry again

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Um well this is great. I am so so so so SO sorry! I haven't posted for so long and it's mainly because my mental health and school. I haven't had time at all to do anything. I'm sorry. Most of you probably forgot about this book. I'm staying to post slow updates but again my mental health has been at an all time low.

I recently just started getting better. I swear I'm going to write again!! And I'll probably transfer some of my stuff to AO3 if you guys want to check that out. I love all of you and I know I've been like THE WORST author in the world but I'm going to try updating again. Trust me I am not going to leave my books on cliffhangers! I used to hate reading a book and it's like "updated last year" so I'm not going to become the one thing I hate!

Now if you don't mind me I'm going to get back to this stupid school stuff and update either later in the day or like in 5 seconds. I want to thank the OG people it was

Eva, who became a close friend to me.
III Cub or club? Idk but they check up on me a lot and it makes me feel nice!
Whymejustwhy, you just seemed chill and I remember seeing you vote for loads of my chapters
Petra, HI!! You also stood out to me I don't know why tho!!
Jay, although I don't talk to him much anymore he still was special to me
Animedepression, hiiii! A lot of the ones I'm talking about now probably don't even read my stuff anymore because I disappeared
Marisol, hello to you too!! I recognize your name.
Luvely weeb, you are very lovely!! I also recognize your name.
Ongoing Trauma, heeeyyyyooo!!! You are also a very special reader to me.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST all the rest of you!! All of you are special and amazing to me and I feel bad for leaving for so long! Y'all are like my children! You all are so amazing and lovely and special and beautiful!!

~Hecate who is the biggest asshole like EVER I do promise to post later or soon tho if y'all care

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