Stop Being Loud

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*Hey sorry updates are slow! Family life and shit is getting in the way but I promise I'll update more!*
Kuroo POV


Kuroo: Hey you up?
TSUUUKKII: it's 5 am wtf do you want
Kuroo: wellll I heard you earlier can you idk QUIET YOURSELF!
TSUUUKKII: I should murder you right now
Kuroo: it's not my fault you and Yama can't shut the fuck up!
TSUUUKKII: I'm going to sleep
Kuroo: Aw fine!


"So, am I supposed to act like I didn't hear nothing?" I look up from my phone at Tsukki who entered the kitchen. His hair was ruffled up and he already was annoyed. "I swear to Asahi I will murder you. Shut up!" He grumbled and rolled his eyes. "What are we messing with Tsukki for?" Bokuto trotted into the kitchen smiling and poking Tsukki. I go on my phone and type in the groupchat:


Kuroo: tsukki fucked last night and I heard him

"DAMN!" Bokuto laughed loudly and I just smiled, very satisfied with making him mad. "I hate you both. Now, Akaashi knows too!" Tsukki stomped off and I cackled gladly pissing him off more. "WHY? WHY WOULD YOU TEXT THAT?" Akaashi yelled from somewhere on the other side of the house. Oops, guess I forgot. Anyways, I think someone is coming over tod-


"Oikawa!" A voice yelled and Oikawa came rushing at the door. "Jay!! Come on in!" Oikawa opened the door and in came a short dude. "Hey! I'm Jay! I'm Oikawa's fuck buddy." He laughed and Oikawa giggled along. "Nah! We are just friends but he is super cool! We'll be in the backyard, drinking lemonade and talking about Susan down the street and how her husband was at the club." Oikawa flicks his 'hair' over his shoulder and they both do a sassy Karen mom pose before leaving for the backyard. Me and Bokuto just shrug and head to the living room to bother Akaashi and Kenma.

Tsukkiiii POV

"Yamaguchi, here I made you hot chocolate." I handed him the mug and he smiled and took it. "Thanks!! I wanted to ask, now that we live in a house with like a lot of people, don't you think it's possible they can hear?" Yamaguchi stares into his cup and took a sip. "Well yeah if your loud, which you are." I pointed out and got up to stretch.

"Ah! Gomen Tsukki!" Yamaguchi smiled again and sat up to watch me stretch and to talk some more. "You know, we should go somewhere! It's Sunday and it's nice out! Also, I saw this strawberry field near by!" Yamaguchi gushes about the field and what we can do there. It's cute when he gets this excited and it seems nice to do that after the stress of classes and unpacking the rest of our boxes!

"Alright! Seems fun but remember we were going to attempt to study with Hinata and Kageyama." I cut Yama off and he jumps out of bed. "I'll go get ready!" He races into the bathroom connected to our room. I roll my eyes and start picking out my clothes for the day. "Hey!" Hinata busts into the room not paying no attention to anything. "You know how there is a like house looking thing next to the pool! I'm jumping off the roof of it into the pool but Suga said only if one person other than Bokuto, Kuroo, Noya, or any of the people who would allow me to do it agrees!" He is vibrating with excitement but Yamaguchi yells no from inside the bathroom.
"THANK YOU!" He runs out of the room as fast as he can and I yell back to close the door next time.

*My friend Jay would do this if he was in this book. I have been in the mood for Tsukkiyama and Kuroken recently so expect a lot of that! Again I will try and update faster it's just family has got me stressed and mad.

~Hecate who their sister found their sleepover book but THANK ASAHI didn't read more than two chapters. Pray for me if she reads the That Night part

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