Is This A Hotel?

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*Teruyama is my heart and soul and I'm being dragged into rare pair hell. Enjoy. Also I did a face reveal on Instagram @/hecatethatoneperson I'll do like a chapter with my face all over it!*
Yamaguchi POV

We arrived at the breakfast place and lead to our table. "Anyways! Yams, you didn't keep in touch like you said you would! We broke up and then you never texted me." He fake pouted in front of me. I chuckled at his antics. We had dated for a short amount of time in my third year when me and Tsukki broke up. Turns out that bitch kissed him and tried to force herself on me to 'Turn us straight'. "I didn't know you two dated!" Yachi looks surprised at us. I rub the back of my head and give a slight smile, "Yeah, we kept it secret. It was when we were third years and you had to knock sense into me." I laughed nervously but quickly calmed myself down.

The waiter approached the table with our food. "Hey." She passes out the plates of food and drinks while we thank her. "Oh hey you have clear lipgloss on your cheeks." Kenma points out and rubs his cheek to mimic where it was at. The girl looks surprised and starts dabbing it off with a napkin. "Sorry. Cottagecore girlfriend." She smiled and thanked Kenma before walking to the girl at the entrance of the store. Her whole vibe and outfit was completely different then her girlfriend and I loved it.


The breakfast was so good! I usually never ate here but it was good! "Ready to leave?" Teru announced and he stood up. "I always forget that once you go to that huge house you never want to leave!" Teru thinks out loud and Yachi shakes her head in agreement. "I thought it was only me!! Their place is a trap filled with a great time!" Yachi laughs and makes big motions with her hands. "I still don't know how we do it! There are like 20 people in that house!" Kenma questions our abilities and the drive is filled with the last bits of catching up.

"Hey!" Lev waves at us walking in and I do a quick assessment of who is here. Most of our good friends stayed behind so it looks like a hotel in here! I drop in on some conversations just to get a quick run down of what's going on.
"We should soo watch a movie tonight!"
"Depends if people are off of work and school."
"Ugh! Ok! Doesn't that all start up like really soon?"
"Yeah. It's gonna suck going to work and school!!"

~Timeskip into Oikawas POV~

Kuroo and Daishou were going back and forth with insults and roasts. "At least I'm still not single." Kuroo turned his nose up and covered his ears. "What does dating even have to do with this?!" He yells back. "I thought we were supposed to be picking out a movie?" I question and look at Iwa-chan who was looking victorious. "I won the arm wrestle against Kyoutani so I choose the movie!" He has a smug look while he picked out a horror movie.

*AY! Boom that was just a shitty regular post. I'm getting back into the swing of things so you'll be slowly getting more and more posts and they'll be getting better. I'll do a face reveal chapter after this because I did a face reveal on Insta.

~Hecate who literally got so bored they said fuck it and did a face reveal. Thanks for cheering me up and telling me I'm good looking!

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