Are We Done Here?

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*I realized after setting this scene up I fucking suck at writing fights and threats so I am so sorry in advance.*

Akaashi POV

I held the door open and smiled. Kenma and Iwaizumi at my side. "Alright. I didn't want to have to hurt somebody but man, jackasses like you deserve to die." Kenma said and walked into the house looking around. I looked at Bokuto and Kuroo who were as silent and ready to fight as ever.

"I see you cleaned up. Doesn't matter. Go take a seat in the living room, buddy." Kenma looks dead serious and is already prepared for anything. "What the fuck? Who do you think you are?!" The Father yells and goes to push Kenma but gets held back. I had my hand on one shoulder and Kuroo had a death grip on the other. "Dad. Go sit down before it gets real ugly in here. I just want to speak." Shoyo moves to the living room and a couple people go upstairs to pack the rest of Natsu's room. I stay downstairs because I wasn't done with this scumbag. "You think a bunch of babies are going to scare me! I did nothing to that girl. Even if I did so what? She'll be fine." The man stood standing next to the couch and I felt like breaking his jaw.


A hard punch landed on his face by Iwaizumi. "Shut the fuck up."
"Hey Hey! Calm down. Let's be civil." Shoyo has a calm and unpredictable face on. I have never seen something so terrifying. "Dude. We overthrow you in power and quantity. I don't think it's a smart idea to fight back. Then again it's entertaining." Kei smirks and leans against the doorway.
"I'll call the co-"
"OOO So scary! The fuck are they going to do? Our nice friend Kiyoko is an amazing lawyer. On top of that," Daichi leans down and whispers something in his ear. He gets up and moves to the other couch. We had everyone here and we were not afraid of anything. Kenma coughs and gets everyone's attention. "Look, tell us what you did. If you do we will be much nicer."
"Fine but just so you know she wanted it! Did you see the clothes she would wear? She was being a whore and would even sneak out to probably fuck someone! She needed to be taught a lesson." He scoffs and chuckles. Shoyo squeezes his eyes shut. A singular tear rolls down his face and the words that leave his mouth lets us know the plan. His breath is shaky and everyone listened. The motherfucker felt the tension in the room and stopped moving and speaking.

"Do it. I don't care if he even survives. Do what you please, I'll be outside."He gets up and leaves and the rest of us know to leave it to the muscles. I close the front door and walk to Shoyo who had his arms around himself and his head in between his knees.
"Hey, you o-"
"I'm fine. I can't believe I'm related to such a monster. The clothes she liked had nothing to do with it. She shouldn't have been dragged into it. That day, we all had fun I forgot my problems and it felt amazing. Do you think that's where I went wrong?"
"Hey! No! That day we all forgot any problems we had! He isn't even related to you! You don't have to claim him as family." Kenma hugs Shoyo and I stay out.
"All she wanted- All she needed was a happy carefree childhood. She should have been able to go to her friends house in ripped jeans." He croaked our and Lev came out of the house.

"Did Mattsun wrap his hand? I mean he has been learning to box."
"Yeah. It's mostly Mattsun, Kuroo, Bokuto, and Tanaka."
"Ennoshita was also in there fighting." Makki walked out and put his hands behind his head. I felt bad for Shoyo but he seemed fine.

Tanaka POV

I was seeing red. I don't know what was going on I just heard voices flooding through my head. I think Tsukishima was talking.

"Guys! We should stop. We shouldn't actually kill him. Especially you Mattsun! I'm trying to be rational because I really don't want to go to jail!"

There was a moment of silence, I still couldn't really control what I was doing. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I felt like I opened my eyes for the first time in a while. I looked at the man on the floor, he was curled in a ball and trying to protect his head. I wasn't done but by the pool of some people around we should probably stop. "It's just- to think this fucking asshole had a poor girl curled in a ball just like that." Mattsun choked out and we all looked down. Suga took the man by the collar and moved him close.

"Are we done here?"
No response.
He threw the man back into the floor and walked backwards. "And what was our deal?"

"I never speak of this again. I can't call the cops. I never touch anyone ever again like that." The man was hiccuping, flinching, and speaking just barely in a whisper. Ennoshita still has his hand on my shoulder. "Oh you remembered. That's great. We'll be going now." Kuroo smiled and walked away. The rest of the group headed out and I looked around and clicked the lights off. I went upstairs one last time to check Natsu's room. It was stripped of everything, we decided to take all of the stuff and just donate or throw the stuff she didn't want away. I closed the door and walked downstairs.

"Ready? Let's head out. Yachi and Kiyoko texted me and told me they were going to take a empty room and sleep. It's pretty late, too." Kageyama was leaning against a car and rubbing his knuckles. I got in the nearest car with Ennoshita and laid my head on his shoulder. I was tired and it was only 11pm.

*SORRY THESE CHAPTERS WERE LONG BUT EVERYTHING IS ALMOST OVER!! I feel pretty ok about this chapter I'm just sad I realized I don't know how to write fight scenes. This is pretty much the last thing but everything will be back to normal the next chapter!! Natsu is MOVING IN! Don't worry tho her room is far from the others so she won't hear anything!

~Hecate who is feeling slightly better I guess?

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