4th Of July guests

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*you don't have to read this! It's just the guests at the party! I'll get straight to the point. Thanks for the support tho. This is just a chapter to explain how many people are at this party. Get out your haikyuu books and other animes! You might not recognize some people!!*
Third Person POV? Not really more just like the mind of someone in the party. Don't know who though.

The music playing throughout the house was loud and seemed to be coming from everywhere. The big house, space, slight decoration, food, drinks, fireworks at the ready, music, and people made this an epic party! People were flooding in but it was mostly people they knew.

Ushijima was one of the first people to get to the party. He was early but they didn't mind the extra hands.
Tendou walked in with Semi, Goshiki, and Shirabu. He was slightly later than Ushi but that was because he had to deal with the 3 others.
Osamu and Suna walked in and immediately headed to the quiet people area.
Ratsumu- I MEAN Atsumu and Sakusa walked in with Atsumu obviously dragging Sakusa along.
Yachi and Kiyoko made a grand entrance being the goddesses they are.
Kinoshita and Narita joined Ennoshita and formed the ITA'S again.
Yamamoto didn't arrive people just kind of found him with Tanaka.
Some people from college and other colleges joined. Extras.
Kindaichi, Kunimi, and Yahaba walked in also dragging someone. This time it was Kyotani.
Aone and Koganegawa got there and started hanging around.
Konoha also just kind of appeared. No one saw him come in he just was there.
Terushima walked in with a bunch of girls that started hanging in the back with the extras. He claimed to not like them.
Misaki told the girls to leave Terushima alone before they inflated his head into a volleyball to be thrown around.
Daisho came only to fuck with Kuroo.
Hiroo and Kuguri came because they said fuck it why not.
Himekawa came because he was talked about for a bi- I MEAN! Because why not.
Seagull- I MEAN!!! Hoshiumi bounced in and went with the shorties.
Natsu was there and had a bunch of friends over. They mostly stayed near her room or the living room farthest away.
Saeko came over with Akiteru to annoy their siblings for a bit.
Alisa and Akane came over because they both wanted to join Saeko.
Natsu somehow even got in contact with some of the kids from Old Coach Ukai's volleyball group! They look really similar to some people! Oikawa got scared and his nephew was also freaked out.
Someone decided to try and get in contact with Ukai and Takeda because they were probably the youngest coaches. Ukai responded with 'are some of you even legal age to drink?' Than we heard muffled speaking and Takeda took the phone and said 'we'll drop by and see how you guys are doing! We haven't seen you in a while!' They were probably the last to show up. They looked great and even made sure to bring some more food.
Bakugou Katsuki???? What the hell are you doing here? Eh! An explosive boy is here.
The whole Bakusquad came and even the Dekusquad showed up.
"Lev! Are these your parents??" Um. We have two famous ice skaters here. Victor and Yuri who seem to be Lev's parents. They are.
Tanjiro?? Zenitsu? Inosuke? This isn't even making sense at this point!! "HINATA! YOU WERE THE ONE IN CHARGE OF INVITING PEOPLE! HOW?"
Eren, Levi, Mikasa, and Armin showed up. They looked hella cool.
Even more people flooded in. Jay and Hecate decided to join in. Some people from the neighborhood, school, work, old friends, everyone!! Even more people from different Anime's showed up! I guess when you have a big house it works out.

ANYWAYS!! This party would be fucking amazing and this is how it started. With people from everywhere and anywhere showing up.

~Hecate who is back! Sorry I left for so long. I guess I didn't realize how bad I was. This is just the guest list but I'm working on the party party chapter. Also sorry for the weird POV and how it got all messy! I AM BACK THOUGH!! I'm glad to be back!

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