Last Unpacking!

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*Here is the beginning! Also the pic is their house, it seemed big enough! I wish I had these good friends but right now I only have two. Both are impossible to meet even after quarantine.*
Suga POV

I naturally woke up early and my first instinct when I wake up is get ready and make breakfast. So I made a big breakfast that took forever! Everyone has been pretty stressed because of unpacking and buying more furniture but almost everything is unpacked! We have a couple more boxes to go that we can knock out easy.

Oh My God We Are All Roommates

Sugamama: Hey I made breakfast! A big one at that so come downstairs!!
Kenma: Coffee?
Owl: coffee?
Akaashi: coffee?
Sugamama: coffee.

With that I closed out the app and heard footsteps coming towards me. Noya bounced into the kitchen and Kenma, Bokuto, and Akaashi went straight for the coffee pot before taking in the beautiful breakfast I made. "The others are coming down in a bit. Oh Jesus! Did you make all of this?" Kenma asked taking the first long sip of his coffee. I nodded happily and watched as a couple others filed into the room. "Kenma. Go to sleep." Kuroo mumbled hugging Kenma and leaning on him.
"Wait, you didn't sleep?" Akaashi asked.
"Nope. Never do. I was editing videos."
"Didn't Makki and Mattsun make videos the other day with you?" I asked. Those three would always make videos together and edit late into the night. "Yep!" Kenma smiled and sat down to eat and finally Daichi walked in. "Oooooooo!" He picked me up and swung me around. Everyone else was in here but they don't process things early in the morning so they would slowly join conversations.

"Random question! Would you guys mind if-" Oikawa slowly started whispering but no one could hear him.
"Well, I like practice.....dancing...on a pole... like a stripper one. Would you guys mind if I put mine up in the other living area place?" Oikawa sipped whatever he had in his mug and looked up. Iwaizumi choked on his fork, I almost spit my coffee out, and Noya died laughing along with Tanaka. "I mean I wouldn't mind but how and when and why did you learn to do that?" Kageyama asked somehow not phased the slightest.
"Bored. It seemed fun. Now I know how to walk in heels and do a whole bunch of stuff." Oikawa closed his eyes and smiled and I don't know how to even understand why.

~3 hours later and into Hinata's POV~

"HELP ME!" Oikawa yelled from the living room. I walked in and he was trying to check how secure the pole was. "Can you pull on either side to check if it is strong?" He asked and I decided to pull as hard as possible. It didn't move too much and I guess that was good enough for Oikawa because he jumped up. "Ok! Thanks!" I walked off with that into the backyard.

"Is that even straight?"
"I couldn't tell because I'm the least straight person here!"

I back into the house not even wanting to know who was doing what out there so instead I decide to bother Tsukishima and Yamaguchi. "Hey! What are you dooooiiiiing?" I lean over the couch and Tsukishima is just scrolling down an app while Yamaguchi plays with his hair. "Why must it be me?" He grumbles closing his phone and looking at me. "What! I'm amazing! I came here to just see what's up?" I jump over the couch and look at Yamaguchi who was still playing with Tsukishima's hair.
"Is his hair soft? Can I tou-"
"Hinata, if you try to touch my hair I will tie you up and throw you into the pool."
"You wouldn't!"

"WHY IS SHOYOU FLOATING IN THE POOL!" Suga yelled from not underwater. I wasn't even tied up I just didn't want to swim up. I swam up anyways and looked at Suga scolding Tsukishima, I laughed and got a pebble thrown at my head. "Tsukki! Is the water cold?" Yamaguchi's eye glinted and I knew what he was planning. I swam behind Tsukki and waited for the signal. A foot tapped and I grabbed his ankles and SPLASH Tsukki now knows how cold the water is.
"You are so dead, Hinata." Tsukki emerged from the water and attacked me like a rabid animal.

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