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Kenmaaa POV

Maybe a skirt wasn't too smart to wear. I knew Kuroo would drag me on rides but I didn't know the rides would be this fast! "Kenma! Your hair is a little messed up." Kuroo chuckled moving it around and back into place.  Natsu and Noya joined us when Bokuto and Akaashi left and now we were dealing with two vibrating small humans. "Can we ride that really big ride!" Natsu jumped around and it was the slingshot.

"NO! YOU guys can ride it but I'm staying here! I'll get like funnel cake or ice cream while you guys do that!" I protested. They want me to join them because they need 4 people but no! No way! "Hey! What did I miss?" Bokuto ran up on us and his hair was slightly messy. "GREAT! You're here! I knew Kenma wouldn't want to go on the ride so I needed you to come back fast!" Kuroo laughed pointing towards the big ride. Akaashi moves to my side while they get in line for the ride that would surely scare Natsu. "Damn. You really think you can just disappear and then pop back up without me knowing." I laughed and turned on my heel. I went straight to the popsicle and ice cream stand while Akaashi came running behind. "What do you mean?" He acted surprised about what I said so I mocked him. "Bro, you obviously got fucked somewhere and based on your worries and concerns it was in your car." I deduced from a lot more things actually. When we got on line we spoke very quietly so no one overheard.
"How did you know?"
"I didn't know 100% but now I do!"
"Your an asshole."
"And you are horny all the time."
"Fair point."
"Anyways, do you want a popsicle?"
"Hell yeah!"

I ordered myself a strawberry milkshake and Akaashi ordered a banana popsicle. When the guy came back to the window I got my wallet that matched my outfit, yes I have different colored wallets for different outfits, and grabbed the money. When I looked back up the man was staring at my outfit with our stuff in hand. I thought he would make a smart ass comment about a guy wearing a skirt but he just looked at it. Akaashi coughed and the guy startled looking up. "Oh! Here is your um." The mans eyes drifts down to the skirt again and back up slowly. I hated being checked out because it made me very aware of everything. Maybe I forgot to shave in an area and it looks stupid. "Your skirt is very... pretty. It looks great on you." He said and I felt his eyes look over me again.
"Where did you buy the skirt?"
"My boyfriend got it for me online."

I reached for our stuff and when I tried grabbing the popsicle he moved it away. "It's melted let me get another one." He walked away from the counter and Akaashi coughed loudly. I twirled the skirt subconsciously and the guy came back. "Here! Sorry, I was hitting on you! I didn't know you had a boyfriend and I kinda feel bad." He had his hand on his neck and his eyes cast down. "It's fine! Thank you for taking interest though! I'm glad you like the skirt!" I smiled and got the popsicle. He gave a slight smile and we went back to the ride area.

"How was it?" I asked Natsu who seemed to enjoy it a lot! "It was so fun!! I did have to sit down after though. My legs were wobbly!" She beamed and stood next to Noya the whole time. They seemed to be very similar and like hanging out with each other. Kuroo grabbed the straw from my drink and tried a bit of it. Noya then silently ran and jumped onto a stranger. "BRO!" He yelled and we automatically knew, it was his bro sense.

Tanaka ran up to us with Noya at his side. They were both really chatty but Natsu seemed to enjoy it.
"Cool!! I didn't think you would actually get on that ride, Natsu!"
"It was so fun!! Like we went FWOOM and then we were in the air and it was all like SHWOOSH and WOO and then it was over!! It was so quick but super fun!"

"Oh My God! It runs in the family!!" We all exclaimed at her reenactment. It was very fun out here as the sun started setting. Tanaka, Noya and Natsu all went somewhere together and me and Kuroo were just chatting together. The sunset had the sky in perfect pink and purple hues and this was great to take pictures. I grabbed Kuroo by the arm and ran to the out skirts of the fair. There was a beach just right there and it had the perfect sunset and waves. We took loads of pictures, of me, the sky, the beach waves and sand, Kuroo, us both, and even the overlook of the fair. "It's pretty out here! The fair looks great too." Kuroo stared in awe at the sight. "I wish I brought my camera to take even better pictures but my phone will have to do." I sighed and took a last picture of Kuroo looking at everything with stars and amazement in his eyes. "Let's go back." I breathed deeply. "But look at the waves and the sky!! Come on, let's just stay here together." He cooed and walked closer to the waves. I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend.

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