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*I love KuroKen so much. Also sorry y'all probably hate me for never posting.*
Kuroo POV

"Give me the game." I held my hand out to Ko and made grabbing motions. He glared at me and continued playing. "I'm doing a stream tonight! I'll be up for awhile. You should go to sleep early though." He explained handing me the switch. "That's fine. I'll probably stay up for a little while longer." I kissed his cheek and he went off to stream.

~2 hours later~

I lowered the brightness of my phone and looked at the light coming from Ko's streaming room. He had it covered with the black squares so no one heard his rage but I get front row seats. I stepped up and snuck into the room. He was playing the game farther away and responding to comments. "Someone's behind y-" He turned around fast and almost jolted at seeing me. "YOU CANNOT DO THAT! Oh my god! Gimme a kiss." He chuckled and opened his arms. I obviously walked over and kissed him but when I looked at the screen I saw a scary game pulled up.
"You know you just get scared after playing these."
"SH!! Don't expose me!"
The comments were rolling in saying hello and how we were the cutest couple. I smiled at the camera and did a small wave. "Tetsu, wanna play for a bit?" He invited me and I took up the offer knowing I would get jump scared.


I woke up to the usual smell of food and attempted to get up. Ko was curled on my chest and in another one of my hoodies. I tried pushing him to his side of the bed but his hand was a death grip on my shirt. I kissed his forehead and hugged him tight to get his hands to loosen. I slid out from under him and went downstairs to the kitchen. "Of course. Suga how about you just sleep in?" I run my fingers through my hair and glance at the food. "I never slept in. Only if I was sick." He smiled and continued cooking.

"Ko! You're up! I just finished taking a shower." I rubbed his cheek and went to put on some sweats. My morning workout was uneventful and not many people were awake yet. Breakfast was great and always from Suga while dinner was just whoever won't burn the kitchen down can take over or we just get something delivered. "Mm." Ko was talking in 'I'm tired' so I had to decipher what he was saying.
"You're gonna go to Goth IHOP?"
"Mmhm. M?"
"Nah. I had breakfast earlier."
"Yeah. You should go get ready."

He got up and got his stuff together. I closed the door shut behind me and went down the hall. A couple doors were unlocked and open but not many. I did see familiar red hair bouncing down the stairs. "Yo! Tendou!" I called out and ran up behind him. "Oh hey! I was looking for you!" He smiled and we continued walking down the stairs. We made light conversation and walked around. I wasn't used to seeing so many people but I guess it's not that different from usual. "You know! You're way smarter than people make you out to be! People only talk about your good looks but in reality your just a big nerd!" Tendou points out and jumps down the stairs. "Guess monster didn't just relate to volleyball," I mumble and fly down the steps "Why'd you even make that guess in the first place?" I question and just follow the guy back into the kitchen.

"Huh? Having breakfast?"
"No, that's not breakfast! You're drinking an energy drink so early in the morning!"
"Eeehh! I'll be fine! Haven't had a heart attack yet." He rolled his eyes and continued on with our past conversation. "Ay! Yams, Yachi, Me, and Kenma are going to Goth IHOP!" Teru yelled and put his arm around Yama. "You mean I'm taking you." Kenma smiled at me and kissed me again. "Yams! We need to catch up! You said you would talk to me a lot but you never do." Teru fake pouted and pulled Yama into a hug. "Haha! Teru! Don't worry me, you, and Yachi can all catch up!" Yama smiles and they walk out the door.

*HEY! Can y'all tell that I love Yamayachi and Teruyama? They are my top three Yamaguchi ships! I'm also so sorry I don't update often!

~Hecate who went on a journey of finding themself and now feels bad for leaving y'all hanging!

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