What We Could've Had  by TrashBinBae
What We Could've Had by Raine
~Tsukishima×Yamaguchi~ Boy×Boy: Don't like it? Don't read it.
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  • karasuno
  • tsukishima
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Don't Leave Me (DaiSuga Fanfic) by MysticVlue15
Don't Leave Me (DaiSuga Fanfic)by Kazu-chan🎉
[ONGOING!!!] Sugawara hasn't been himself lately. He wasn't the energetic and cheerful type anymore, instead he was vulnerable and weak. The team notices the change in h...
  • boyxboy
  • hanahaki
  • haikyuufanfiction
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Haikyuu Oneshots  by loveelylester
Haikyuu Oneshots by ✨ tobio ✨
A buch of Haikyuu one shots about my ships ? hoLY hecc 1k reads ! gAH 5k reads !! wowza thanks for 10k reads !!! okay mega hecc 50k, slow down there buddy boi !!!! why...
  • kagehina
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Karasuno's Queen of the School [Kageyama Tobio] by Fxrnxndxx
Karasuno's Queen of the School [Ka...by ella .fasm
**#13 in Anime & #1 in Kageyama x OC** When Karasuno's Volleyball Club began to show new-found potential, Takeda Sensei decided to make a surprising call. A tutor would...
  • anime
  • kageyama
  • wattys2017
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La Résidence by Eneette
La Résidenceby Eneette
A l'université, les volleyeurs cohabitent dans une même résidence. Ces coéquipiers et voisins voient leur routine bouleversée lorsque Kageyama les rejoint, rompant l'équ...
  • atsumu
  • kuroo
  • daisuga
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Inside (Kagehina) by AlyssaHQ
Inside (Kagehina)by ThisAccountIsWack
<COMPLETED> Happy. Hinata Shouyou was always an optimistic person. What he did surprised his whole team, made them drown in sadness. Kageyama didn't take it well...
  • death
  • volleyball
  • kageyama
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little yaoi things (haikyuu!!) by ziezela
little yaoi things (haikyuu!!)by ziezela
Liltle chapters and a lot of haikyu!! Ships (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • yaoi
  • iwaoi
  • kinkuni
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Haikyuu Oneshots by GoinkOnAMonday
Haikyuu Oneshotsby GoinkOnAMonday
Just some fluffy one shots about our favorite gay beans. Slight angst sometimes...mega angst sometimes. Also the chapters get pretty long
  • tanaenno
  • boyxboy
  • kiyoyachi
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The Runner (KageHina) by Rean_Aleck114
The Runner (KageHina)by Rean_Aleck114
Hinata knew. He knew his unrequited love wan't going to be returned. He knew. And yet he still did it. He confessed to the boy that meant to world to him. He told him hi...
  • yaoi
  • kagehina
  • wattys2018
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Don't Leave /Daisuga/ by MaddiePerry2555
Don't Leave /Daisuga/by TAEBABY
Suga has had feelings for Daichi for quite awhile. What happens when everyone starts noticing Suga is distracted? What happens when Suga confesses? What happens if they...
  • enjoy
  • cute
  • daisuga
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haikyuu fluff by misachin
haikyuu fluffby misaki
co-authored with bae, @semipai ♥ just random daisuga, iwaoi, and some x reader drabbles cuz i really wanna have atleast one published hohoho. cover also by bae ♥
  • bokuaka
  • hinata
  • haime
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Haikyuu!! One-Shots by _YaoiTrash
Haikyuu!! One-Shotsby Trash
May contain smut. And lots of fluff. There's angst somewhere in there too. But its mostly fluff. I AM TAKING SUGGESTIONS. NAME A SHIP FROM HAIKYUU AND A SMALL PLOT, I'LL...
  • yaoifluff
  • levyaku
  • asanoya
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Daycare ||Daisuga AU|| by kittenlasagna
Daycare ||Daisuga AU||by トリニティ
In which Sugawara is a daycare teacher and Daichi is a clueless single dad. 。 。 。 Highest ranking: #1 in Daisuga! This is a boyxboy story so if you don't like that then...
  • daichisawamura
  • haikyuu
  • anime
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Kageyama's Queen of the School [Kageyama Tobio] by Fxrnxndxx
Kageyama's Queen of the School [Ka...by ella .fasm
**#2 in Kageyama Tobio & #3 in Kageyama x OC ** Tomo Katsumi (now known to Karasuno as Kageyama's girlfriend) seems to be adjusting to the life of tutor for the volleyba...
  • kageyama
  • oikawatooru
  • iwaoi
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Haikyuu One-Shots Various x Various by SatellizerS
Haikyuu One-Shots Various x Variousby Stacy Satellizer ^.^
A collection of Haikyuu various x various one-shots with a bit of attempted fluff hope you enjoy~~~ REQUESTS are OPEN~~~
  • nekoma
  • haikyuu
  • anime
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Haikyuu Trash by DarthLiz
Haikyuu Trashby TallSaltyFrenchFry
Garbage + Haikyuu = Shitty volleyball memes (Uploads every three days!)
  • random
  • iwaoi
  • kageyama
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Secrets and Lies by The_Sassy_Clarinet
Secrets and Liesby The Sassy Clarinet
Sugawara, Daichi, Tanaka, Noya, Asahi and Ennoshita where walking home after a long practice. All they wanted to do was get some ice cream for the evening was hot. But t...
  • tsukiyama
  • haikyuu
  • kagehina
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Haikyuu!! Smut by anotokayperson
Haikyuu!! Smutby anotokayperson
Taking requests comment or dm me.
  • tadashi
  • kageyama
  • yamaguchi
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Love on the brain (a kagehina story){COMPLETED} by Queen_Kir1
Love on the brain (a kagehina stor...by Queen_Kir1
Hinata had been having these weird feelings in his chest when he sees Kageyama but it feel good his face heats up and his heart starts beating a mile a minute and he sta...
  • daisuga
  • hinata
  • yaoi
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Haikyuu Ship Reactions by Katsuko-Kinoyu
Haikyuu Ship Reactionsby not important
Let's see how our favorite volleyball players and I react to the way we like to see them. Started: In February 2016 Finished: In June 2016
  • iwaoi
  • yaoi
  • humour
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