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TRIGGER WARNING: Natsu c*ts and a few mentions to s*xual *buse
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Hinata POV still because it's his family DUH

"Hey." I walked into the house and everyone was seated in the living room. "You're back!" They all looked and came rushing to the front. Kiyoko and Yachi first. Natsu hid behind me and held onto my shirt.
"You want to go claim a room before I introduce you?" I ask quietly and she nods, grabbing her book bag and heading upstairs. I look at all the curious faces and sigh deeply. "I feel so bad. I left her there." I hug the closest person to me and that being Kenma.

"Now let me explain. I'm going to make jokes because I can't deal with sad situations properly." I get up and stand in front of everybody who was seated on the couch. Kageyama was upstairs helping Natsu since she was most comfortable with us two. "My dad is an abusive douchebag. My mom was an alcoholic but I guess she started again. As you can see from the bruises my dad was being an abusive piece of shit." I smile and rub my head. "I left her there because I was dumb and started pushing away all the bad thoughts of that place. She-" My voice cracks as I remember the cuts on her arm. "She started cutting herself while I was gone." Kenma gets up and hugs me. I couldn't hold it in anymore and just broke. My knees buckled and I started crying a lot. "What I understood is, she is living from us and eventually can we maybe beat the shit out of your father?" Tanaka asks and I chuckle through my tears. "Yeah."

I wipe my face and Natsu comes into the living room. "Shoyo? Can you re-introduce me? I don't really remember their names." She hides behind me again and I hug her. I gave introductions to everyone and after I finished talking about each person they said hey.

"Oh, Kiyoko and Yachi are our friends. They don't live here but they live down the street." I smiled and waved at them and Natsu came out from behind me. She walked up to them and whispered a couple words and backed up. "Oh it's fine to tell them! They are all very nice and a lot of them have sisters! You can always come to us about stuff like that!" Natsu smiled and looked to the floor. "Well, thank you all. Thank you for getting me out of that house fast! I didn't think I would last much longer." She hugged herself and looked at all the welcoming people. "Do you need to get more stuff? I know what I told you to pack wasn't too much but we can always go out and shop tomorrow." Iwaizumi asked and Natsu just nodded. "Yeah. I would like to get more stuff." She sat on the couch and breathed deeply. I understood how relieved she felt. "Look you can go look around take a shower and do whatever. We'll be around here!" I smiled at Natsu and she immediately went to Noya, Kiyoko, and Yachi. "Can you guys come upstairs with me?"

Iwaizumi POV

It was like looking in a mini mirror. I could tell she was hurt. I remembered when I had to quietly pack my bag at 3am when I overheard my parents saying they would put me in conversion therapy. I had only packed the essentials and I left to Oikawa's house. His mom was understanding and took me in and I lived with them for a year until moving into this house. I was scared and so was Natsu.

"Hey, Oi."
"Question, should I take down my pole while she is here?"
"Oi, I swear I will punt you into the moon."
"Ah! So mean!" Oikawa sat down and looked at me. "Do you think she'll be ok?"
"Of course she will."

"Excuse me?" A tiny voice cracked up and Natsu looked at us. "Yeah?"
"I- um. Where is the kitchen? I'm hungry." She looked down and spoke at a whisper. I get up and guide her to the kitchen where Yamaguchi and Suga are.

Natsu POV cause it's easier and I'm sad about what I did to her

"Oh hey!" The silver guy spoke loudly at me. I was still scared a door would bust open and he would walk in but every time it was just nice smiles. "I'm slightly hungry." I held onto my sleeves and looked up. Every time I looked up I expected him. The worst times he would come inside was the night. Just the thought of my father made my skin crawl. He just loved me though. "Do you want cake or do you want dinner? We have both!" Yamaguchi spoke up and cake sounded great right now. "Cake please." If my voice raised they would get mad. Thoughts and memories flashed back to my dark room being brightened by the hallway light. His belt buckle and-

"Hey, darling! It's ok! I've got you! What happened?" Silver guy had followed me. I was on the floor in a ball. "It's Suga and Yamaguchi. Can I hug you?" His voice was sweet unlike my Father. My father and his deep booming voice. I put my head in my knees and just squeezed. "Hey look I'm gonna help you." Suga was comforting and for some reason I wanted to hug him. I tried reaching out to him but my tears blinded me. I felt him come closer and I got slightly scared something bad would happen but when he hugged me it was a different feeling. I wasn't threatened, I was comforted.
"Ice. Put an Ice Cube in your mouth." He handed me a cup filled with Ice Cubes but the request was weird and I just looked at him. "Why?"
"I remembered this one thing I saw." I took an ice cube and popped one in my mouth. I started breathing in and out like I was told. "Do you want to tell us what happened or would you rather wait? We are all here for you no matter what but it's all about timing." Yamaguchi was crouched next to me and he was also quiet and nice. My eyes felt droopy and my stomach was still growling for food.

"I just want sleep for now." I yawn and lean on Yamaguchi's shoulder. This house was quiet. This house was comforting. This house was nice. I don't want them to think I'm weak or I can't hold my own so maybe telling them is a bad idea.

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