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I left for like 10 minutes to dry off. Why are people screaming?


I ruffled my hair and put my glasses back on. Who did what now? "What is going o-"
"When did you all get Nerf guns and why is Noya on the floor?" I asked looking at Yamaguchi who was glaring at Kuroo with his gun pointed at him. "He challenged me. Noya got in the way. I shot him in the eye." Yamaguchi positioned his nerf gun up.
"You won't!"
"I will!"
"Shut up. I will shoot you again."

I back away and leave them to their devices. Last time Yamaguchi got that mad it was because some girl tried flirting with me right in front of him. "Kenma, where is the mom group?" I questioned wondering why the situation wasn't dealt with.

"Well you know the people next door. I think one was Hecate and the other was Jay. Yeah they went to say hi and talk about the neighborhood, I guess." Kenma shrugged.
"What about second responsible?"
"Ennoshita went with them."

Hey it's my POV????

"Jay! Get the door!" I yelled to Jay after someone knocked.
"Hecate! What the fuck kind of sorcery did you do? Why are anime characters real and why arr they hot!!"
Oh shit. I raced downstairs and opened the door. The audience will love this.
"Jay, I'm going to need you to not flirt with Oikawa."
"Did you say flirt with Oikawa? I was going to do that anyway!"

Kuroo POV

"I just said your boyfriend was hot and if Kenma didn't exist and you weren't dating him I would date him!!" I yelled running from the formerly nice human. I was being chased, I had no bullets, everyone left me to die, and he is GAINING ON ME!
"What are your last words!"
"Kenma was the nicest piece of ass I've ever ha- AH FUCK!" I got tackled and the shiny blue gun was pointed at me.
"Yamaguchi! Please! I will buy you food!"
"Your time is up peasant." He got off me and put the gun down.
"Oh thank g-"

Noya POV

"YOU SHOT HIM IN THE DICK! TAKE HIM TO THE ER!" Tanaka yelled but my eye still hurts.

*Did I add me and Jay into this story? Yes! Will he comment? Probably! Will I attempt to make a better less shitty update later? YES! Sorry this is a really tiny weird update but I'll do a better one later on!

~Hecate who will have me casually stealing food from the mansion and Jay drooling over Oikawa

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