Calm movie night!

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Kenma POV

It has only been two weeks of living here and I can already tell everyone wants to do a stay in day. "Hey! Since we all are free and last time we did something someone got shot in the crotch, let's have a movie night and calm down!" Daichi suggests and that does seem pretty well, with school and work taking up our time we hadn't really all been free.
"Doesn't Kageyama need to study because his grades are so shit." Yaku looks at him and flips him off. "You know Yaku I don't know where you hold all that sass, considering you are like 3 feet tall." Lev laughs reaching for the mugs.

"Hinata, Noya, it's time we attack."
"I BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE!" Hinata jumps but Daichi picks him up middair. Hinata just goes limp and waits. "SHIT! One down!" Yaku yells and just kicks Lev. "Ah!!"


"What movie are we watching now that Hinata was officially turned off and Yaku isn't mad anymore." Bokuto asks looking through the shows and movies.
"I wasn't turned off!! I just go limp, I guess!" Hinata argues and snuggles into his blanket again. I love horror movies and I know a lot of people here love Horror too so horror was the most likely choice. "Can we watch something sad?" Oikawa asked and of course the one thing I hate everyone decides on. I hate sad movies because I always end up crying for them. "Who bets on Kenma and Oikawa sobbing at the end!" Bokuto laughs and puts on a classic sad love story that I know I'm going to cry at because I am a sucker for sad movies!

"I'm getting more blankets and I'm getting coffee and food." I get up and walk to the kitchen trying desperately not to get to know the characters and get attached. I want cookies or maybe some ice cream. I was grabbing the tub of ice cream when someone put their hand on my mouth and picked me up, "It's me. Don't worry!" Kuroo whispered in my ear.

"Ice Cream." My voice was muffled against his hand but I want my ice cream. He let go and poked my side still pressed against me. "You are no fuuuun!" Kuroo pouts and hangs his head on my shoulder. I start shoveling ice cream into a cup not paying attention to Kuroo but he keeps poking me. "Tetsuro. Stop that. Let's go back." I push his hand and go back to the couch. Kuroo comes bothering me again, poking my side and being clingy. I pull out my phone and put the brightness all the way down. I go into the notes app and start typing out what I wanted to tell him.

Kuroo. Stop. Poking. Me!

But I don't wanna!

Pay attention to the movie.

I'm gonna bother you.

What now?

Well maybe ;)

Fuck off the sad part is coming on!!

I turn my phone off and start watching the movie again. Kuroo is pouting at my side but I don't care I want to know if he gets the guy in the end or if the guy gets with the girl that's blackmailing him.


I wipe my face off trying not to make it seem like I'm crying but Kuroo already caught on. "Was the ending that sad?" He asked and Oikawa sniffled. "Yes! That was sad!" Me and Oikawa get up and put our dishes in the sink. My face was getting puffy and now I want to place some animal crossing but Kuroo is just going to annoy me the rest of the night.

*THERE see a better chapter than that shitty chapter with my dumb self! I have been getting myself together and I feel better than ever! But I am trying to learn how to lucid dream so if you guys know how or have ever let me know because I really wanna learn!

~Hecate who wants to control their dreams!!

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