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*Ok y'all really want Bokuaka smut! But Akaashi is the biggest tease ever so you get this.*
Bokuto POV

Me and Akaashi took the fastest to get ready! We were now laying in the second living room with Oikawas pole a little farther behind the couch. Akaashi was on his phone humming a song but I was getting bored so I decided to mess with him.

I moved really close to him and he eyed me. "What? I just want to cuddle." I said really deeply and he knew what this meant. "Bokuto no. When you get like this, you can go on forever." He shook me off his shoulder and I pouted. "I just want a hug!" I hug him from behind and bury my head in his shoulder. He rubbed my head but at the worst time Oikawa came in.

"HI!! Are you two ready?" He looked like he just got out of the shower. I groaned and flopped down on the couch. They started talking about whatever but I didn't care. Akaashi looked great and his ass looked great in those jeans. Oikawa walked away and Akaashi turned to me.

"How about this! If you can hold off all day, even when I tease you because I'm planning on it, then tonight we can go on forever and do whatever." Akaashi proposed this idea and I knew exactly what he meant by 'do whatever'. "DEAL!" I yelled and shook his hand. He laughed and got up turning his ass to me and I already felt like losing the bet. He bent down and tied his shoes. I smacked his ass earning a cute yelp from him. "Ah ah!" He shook his finger and walked away.


I am going to lose my fucking mind!!!! He's been teasing me all morning and I finally got out of that stupid car. "Bokuto! Look!" Natsu came running out of her car looking at the lights from the rides. She held onto my sleeve and jumped around. "Have you ever been to a fair?" I asked picking her up to show the rest of the area. "No. We didn't really do family fun stuff." Hinata chuckled and looked at the rides with the same sparkle as Natsu. "You guys look like babies!" Suga laughed going towards the entrance of the place. I put Natsu down and let her run forward and went back to Akaashi. Kenma was walking beside Akaashi and twirling his skirt happily. "Kenma, you look really good with a skirt and hoodie!" Akaashi smiled looking at the twirl of the skirt.

"Thanks!! I really like wearing these outfits even though they're like really feminine." He smiles and continues walking with Akaashi. "Do you think I would look good in a skirt, Kotaro?" I forgot about the stupid bet we put up and just imagining him in a short skirt makes me want to go feral. He gets close to my ear and whispers very low, "What? Your thinking about lifting the skirt and fucking me in it, huh?" He smirked and walked away to catch up with Kenma. This man is going to make me go insane.

"Can we go on the big rollercoaster!" Natsu smiled and I think everyone in the group had their hearts melt. "We can stay here for a while! You can do anything you want! We all might eventually split up and go to different places but whoever is doing something you find interesting you can go with them." Yamaguchi smiles a bright smile and Tsukki clenched his heart. "Oh. Ok." He made a pained noise when he spoke and we all just laughed.

"Bro!" Kuroo pulled me to the side after people split up. Natsu went with Noya and Tanaka who were with Yachi and Kiyoko.
"Huh? What?"
"You've been red all day. Like really blushy!"
"Also, Akaashi has been really smug looking."
"Did he like top you or something?"
I stopped and looked at him. "What! No! He's being a fucking tease!" I got frustrated looking at Akaashi and Kenma. Kuroo cackled at me and I crossed my arms.

*WHIWSJJSJWKSMSKKSSK hi I'm me and I'm ahahahahah. Anyways would anyone like to trade hair? I hate my curly hair with a passion. Um don't worry by the end of the night they are gonna FUCK

~Hecate who lost his train of thought while writing my ending thingy that I do so now I'm sitting here like what da foock

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