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*This is kinda just a random thing that I wanted to add into the story. NSFW BY THE WAY!!! Let's find out who was first this time.
Yamaguchi (we thought he was innocent he really isn't) POV

I wanted to bring this up with Tsukki like ages ago but right now I'm feeling bold. "Tsukki! Can I ask you a question but you have to promise not to be weird about it!" I stuck out my pinky and sat cross legged on our bed. "Huh? Sure?" He hooked my pinky in his and grabbed his water bottle. Wrong timing to drink.

"What are you into," I whispered and started fiddling with my fingers. "Like kinks.."

"WHAT?" Tsukki's voice came out hoarse. He was coughing violently and attempting to drink more water. "AH! GOMEN TSUKKI!" I yelled and pat his back. After Tsukki could breathe again I backed away. I was scared he was going to think weirdly of me. "I mean, I don't really know. I hadn't thought about it, so you caught me off guard." He put his water down and looked at me. My face heated up because I knew he was going to ask me what I liked and that's embarrassing!!!

"Yamaguchi, just tell me what you had in mind. I never took thought to it so I don't even know." A slight amount of time had passed but he didn't let it go. "What, baby~" He started speaking low and quiet. "Your too embarrassed to tell me?" He crawled closer to me and started rubbing my thighs. "F-Fine. I, um," it was even harder to speak with him rubbing my inner thighs. "I mean I like a lot of things. Honestly, you could say a lot of different things and I either like it or am fine trying it." I breathed out but my words got jumbled. Tsukki hummed again and moved closer to my thighs. "Tell me exactly what you like, though. I'll just be here." He kissed are my thighs. He loved doing this, kissing my thighs and he would say he was kissing all my freckles.
"List them or I stop."
"Fuck ok. Um, AH!" Tsukki was leaving marks on my thighs and I didn't want it to stop. Here is my embarrassment.
"M-Masochism. Spanking," my voice was getting quieter. "Breath play and Bondage," Tsukki got up and went to my neck kissing and leaving more marks. "Keep going, Baby~"

"Orgasm denial and control." My voice was shaky and my hips were hovering over Tsukki. He was smacking my ass and rubbing it. We had been really vanilla until now. "Degrad-"
"So you like being my little slut." Tsukki said with a dark and rough tone that made me moan. "Choking an- you know it's hard to speak when your tugging at my clothes!" I gasped as my clothes were taken off roughly. "I didn't say stop." He growled and I gulped down. "That. Dominance. Give me that. Edging and a lot of different BDSM shit." It was getting harder and harder to remember and keep up with what I was saying. Tsukki was still teasing me and not touching me enough. "Lay down on your stomach." His voice ordered me around and if I wasn't already hard enough this just made it worse. His hand came in contact with my skin and I jumped. This felt all too good and I felt my dick rubbing against the bed. "Damn. So you like a lot of things," he leaned down and whispered in my ear. "We should try them all." He did a light chuckle and slapped my ass again.

I am very glad I brought this up. Very VERY glad. I was attempting to catch my breath but that was no use. "Damn you really do like a lot." Tsukki breathed out into the pillow. "AH! DON'T MAKE ME BLUSH!" I yelled and covered my face. My face felt hot and I know I was sweating. "Honestly, I'm just gonna make a google form and have you fill it out, damn!" Tsukki huffed and chuckled. "Let's take a shower. I think everyone should be heading back soon." He picked me up and brought me into the bathroom.

*OOPS MY FINGER FUCKING SLIPPED!!! Um so I headcanon Yamaguchi being the kinkiest bitch ever and so this chapter was just to prove this motherfucker will do anything. Tsukishima is actually really soft about it until Yamaguchi reassures him he is fine. THEN he goes all in.

~Hecate who knows those two will talk about it more and be more safe but they will do it behind the scenes until their next big smut chapter.

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