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*Hey motherfuckers! Are you happy I'm back? I hope you are because I am
P O W E R E D  alright! LETS GET IT! Also who is your fave person at the party?*
Hinata POV

Look! Do not ask me how I contacted some of these people!! I really don't know but I'm glad they came because this party is so cool! "LEV!! These are your parents?! Why haven't we met them!" Oikawa beamed at the two ice skaters. They were easy to get in contact with but on the contrary to the smiles.

"I already despise you." Tsukishima looked down at Bakugou. "YOU THINK YOU'RE COOL?!! ASSHOLE, I'LL BLOW YOU TO HELL!" The shorter blonde yelled with explosions going off in his palms. I originally invited just Kirishima and Izuku but they insisted on the rest coming so I said yeah. "Shoyo, you are the best! How did you even invite these people?" Tobio wrapped his arms around me and smiled against my skin. "You're going to be the wedding planner." He chuckled and kissed my cheek. I had the best help! The fireworks are the big thing! "Just wait! I just did one job!" I turn around and look at the house. Most people were spread out around the house. The quiet people were in the most used living room while the younger kids took a liking to Natsu so they would move to her room and the farthest living room. The rebellious teens they are.

"I WILL EXPLODE THIS WHOLE PLACE! DO NOT TOUCH ME!" Bakugou yelled like a tiny Pomeranian. "I'm not even touching you." Salty smirked with his finger close to Angry's eyes. "Then stop not touching me!" He yelled back and Salty smiled. "Ok #1!" And poked him in the eye.

The trampoline in the backyard was being put to good use and the grilled food was being thrown out fast! They ordered pizzas, grilled their own food, someone was cooking in the kitchen, the Bakers™ baked a lot, and we all went back to our roots and ordered Insomnia Cookies.

Natsu POV

"Guys! Let's play some cool games!"
"Like what? No kiddie games! We are too old for that!"
"Let's play Truth or Dare! Or should we play spin the bottle?"

I was in my room with all my friends and locked the door because I didn't need someone busting in. I had never been able to have friends over like this so this was a first! I invited all the people that were nice to me and I liked and told the bitches in my school they couldn't come! I know I'm great! "Let's do truth or dare! I've heard stupid stories about the game that I don't think are true." I chimed in remembering the fake story I heard of Shoyos friends all confessing over the game.

"Oh your on!! Any limits?" My guy friend asked with The Smirk on his face. "No limits!" We all yelled at the same time.


No limits!?

Of course! That's the only way to play and you said so!

Oh shit I did.

LOVE YA! Don't walk in without asking!

I'm respectful so of course I won't.

*WOW!! This only the start! Imma try to get the whole party over with before the end of 4th of July but that's not happening probably! I wish I had Hinata as a parent because I can't even invite friends over without my parents needing to know their whole family history and background! Again sorry I took so long to update I wasn't feeling great at all and the love and support from Jay and all of you helped so much, y'all couldn't imagine!

~Hecate who is so thankful for his followers and friends it's unbelievable! But now I just want to take a road trip across the country with the one person I love and commit crimes and never turn back. The only people who would know I'm still alive would be y'all! But everyone else would think I'm dead or something. Anyways love y'all and thanks for being patient with me.

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