Strawberry Field Date

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*I fucking wish I could go on a strawberry field date but I just had a breakdown and was finally able to talk about my feelings so I feel better. This was written 11:46pm on May 28. I haven't cried and talked about my feelings in a while*
Yamaguchi POV

I love him so much! He is so sweet and we are going to a Strawberry Field date! Suga said we can take his car so we can get there faster. "Do they let people take home strawberries because maybe we can get The Bakers ™ to bake Strawberry Shortcake?" Tsukki wonders out loud. "Now I just want cake." He pouts and continues driving with low music playing. This date is going to be so calming!


"We're here! I don't know how this works but I just want to pick some nice strawberries!" Tsukki gets out of the car and comes to my door, opening it like I'm a princess. "Oh thank you!" I blush and giggle at the funny gesture grabbing his hand and stepping out. A short amount of time later me and Tsukki get to pick strawberries! "Did The Bakers ™ tell you how many strawberries they'll need? I really want to make that cake!" I smile and start going to pick nice strawberries. "They just said pick a lot! They might make it huge and if anything we can just make like a fruit platter thing with other fruit!" Tsukki smiles and it's so genuine it makes my heart melt. He's always been so gentle and kind! He only ever shows his true feelings when it's just us and it makes my heart swell. "You know I love you a lot right!" I grin and blush madly just because I'm so happy to have him in my life. We make small talk while picking and gathering, the sun out, the wind blowing, the chuckles and laughs, the whole date is great!!

Hinata POV

"Do a flip!" I stood on the mini building excited but scared to jump into the pool. Jay and Oikawa were gossiping and doing the dumb fake flirting that got Iwa jealous and mad. The baking gang inside doing whatever baking stuff they decided to do. "Tanaka!" Ennoshita yelled at Tanaka for whatever reason and I jumped.

"HE DID IT!" Kageyama yelled and Noya jumped on Yakus shoulders. I rose from the water and shook my head. "Who let him do that?" Ennoshita asked looking around but everyone just shrugged. "Tsukishima said I could so I did! I don't know where he went though." I couldn't find either of the two anywhere so I just thought they stood inside. "They went on a date!! It was a really cute area and we're making Strawberry Shortcake with the stuff they bring!" Suga yells from the back door.
"That sounds nice! Did the rest of the bakers join?"
"We have the whole baking team! So stay out of the kitchen!"
"UGH Fine!" I dragged out the 'i' for a little longer and dipped my head underwater.

Tsukishima POV

The air was fresh and sweet. The breeze was gentle and blowing perfectly. Yamaguchi had his head tilted up and he seemed so relaxed, I was glad I took him here.
"Hey, hold on!"
"What do you mea-"
I swept Yamaguchi off his feet and kissed his face all over. "Hey! Stop that!" He laughed and held tight. Whenever we were somewhat alone I always felt clingy and cuddly. When our friends were near by I didn't really do this but Yama said he understood. "I love you. You very beautiful and I'm happy we are dating! Now let's get these strawberries to the front and stop by at the store." I put him down and started to the front with my two bags of strawberries.

(Homophobic comments be careful. F slur I do censor it)

"Why are there GAYS here! That's disgusting!" An old woman made a look of disgust to Yamaguchi and me. I attempted to ignore her and pulled my boyfriend closer to me because he has a history of not doing well with comments.
"You guys are going to burn in hell! F-"
"If I wasn't going to hell before I was out, I would be surprised." I snap back waiting on the small line to pay for the stuff. Yamaguchi had his head down and his hand was slightly shaking so I grabbed it and intertwined my fingers with his. "You are F*gg*ts!" She yells again and the couple in front of us whips around.
"How dare you. I want you to get out of this place because all of those words you're saying are disgusting and God would hate these words out of your mouth!" The lady shouts and gets closer to the old lady. "Babe! Settle down, the lady should know that she has 1 minute to get out of here." The guy glares and I'm just astonished. The lady runs off and the couple comes back to us.

"Are you ok? What about you, sweetheart?" She looks at Yamaguchi and checks his face. "It's ok darling! There are bad people in the world that takes God's word in a bad way but I'm here." She hugs him and he hugs back. Her presence was ...nice... and I hope she knows she is very kind and a good person. "Yeah, what my wife said. You are very strong for taking that. Enjoy the rest of your date! Don't let bitches like that get you down." They both grab their stuff and walk off.


We are back at the house. Yama ended up staying in the car instead of going in the store which made me sad but he said he was fine. "Grab like two bags for me and then the keys please." We step out of the car going one trip even though the car and door are super close. "THEY ARE BACK! Hand over our ingredients sit down and talk to us about the date!" Suga grabs my bags and guides Yama to the kitchen while I go to the backyard. "Oh hello!" Kuroo smiles at me and slaps my back.

*AH this chapter is long and idk it kinda feels rushed but I hope y'all enjoyed! I might have to take a tiny break from updating because I have been having breakdowns a lot more and I might have to get an actual therapist which scares me but I hope you guys don't mind if I take a small break. I don't want to force myself to make chapters that are shit.

~Hecate who is so sorry I might take a break it's just my mental is not good right now.

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