New Family!

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*I recently went back and looked at my smut chapters I wrote and omg. I'll write a smut chapter soon but who should I do?*

Yamaguchi POV

Tsukki had almost killed Noya when he woke up but I didn't mind too much. "I can't believe you would let him do that to us." Hinata poured but immediately smiled when he snatched bacon from Bokuto. "What are we doing today? Maybe we could do something relaxing or go to the new amusement park, carnival, fair thing that opened." Bokuto did a fake cough and added, "the carnival is the best option." And I lit up at the idea.

"Please!!! We will all be good!" We begged and Suga looked at the people. Yachi was by my side looking with puppy eyes. "Natsu, what do you think? You've been quiet and I think you need a break more than us." Suga looked at Natsu who was snickering at us grown adults begging to go to the carnival.

"Family trip to the carnival it is!" She yelled and smiled a big smile. We cheered and Bokuto picked Natsu up. "This is my new best friend! Kuroo your second!" He laughed and Natsu was sitting on his shoulders. She laughed and Oikawa smiled with her. "Shoyo! Two things! One: Hope you don't mind we have to call you Shoyo now because there are two Hinatas. Two: I have now decided we adopted Natsu we are all her fathers now." He smiled and Natsu laughed along.

We all brung in the rest of Natsu's stuff and Yachi reassured her they can go shopping for better more high-end stuff. "We are dressed so me and Kiyoko are taking Natsu out to shop for cuter outfits. Send us the location and when you guys are heading over." Yachi smiled and bounced up and down. "Yams! How are you and Tsukki? I haven't talked to you in forever! We have to catch up! I know I'm everywhere right now but dude! How about you stay in touch with me this time." She rolled her eyes and I blushed. We were supposed to stay close but I don't know what happened. "Yachi! You coming?" Kiyoko asked and she ran off.

Yachi and Kiyoko are always out doing things so we don't really speak or see each other. Yachi is an Art Major and works as an assistant for a rich lady. Kiyoko is a lawyer and she is pretty good at it! They left and we all dispersed to get dressed.

*WOO! They need a break and I love how most of them are supposed to be in college but I said fuck it and never write about it. I also love how I made some of them complete college unrealistically fast but fuck it!!! WE DON'T CARE ABOUT BEING REALISTIC MORE JUST ABOUT THE STORY!!!

~Hecate who doesn't know how to write college realistic. Fuck it who doesn't know how to write realistic anything.

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