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*Hey!! I had to restart this chapter like 3 times so I got really frustrated. Also sorry I don't do happy birthday chapters!! I was thinking about doing them but I'm always late!
Natsu POV

I was getting really tired. This place was fun and it had good food! The people here were a little loud, though. Noya and Tanaka were the fun people to hang around so I usually stood with them but I did follow Iwa and Oikawa! They were nice and let me play the games that were totally rigged.

"Oh! There you guys are!" Shoyo came running up to us. "Me and Kageyama were gonna head out. It was getting a little late and Kuroo and Kenma already left." He smiles and Kageyama was looking at me from behind Shoyo. Tanaka and Noya said some words or whatever to Shoyo but I just was tired. "Natsu? Are you gonna head home or stay here?" This was a big decision. A decision of my lifetime! What do I want to do? OBVIOUSLY HAVE MORE FUN!! "I'll stay here! If these two stay, I stay!" I smile and point at the Chaotic Duo. "Alright! Call me if anything, Bye!" Shoyo waved and walked back to the exit.

Shooooyyyooooo POV

Kageyama seemed quiet and slightly tense. "What's up with you?" I poked at Kags and he jumped. "Oh! Um I just was a little awkward near your sister. I'm not good with kids!" He complained and I found it so cute he thought he wasn't good with kids. Natsu used to ask me when he was coming over again so they could play with each other.

"Wait!!! I don't want to drive. You never want to drive. You know what that means!" Kags stops completely and has that competitive glint in his eyes. "Ok fine." I bounce off rushing to the car, "BOKE HINATA BOKE!!! YOU ARE SUCH A CHEATER!" He yelled while running after me. His steps were getting louder so I stopped right in front of him. He rammed into me almost toppling me over but while he was stunned I took off again. I heard him yell out of frustration as I got closer to the car. I tapped the car door and smiled through huffs. "Damn it! I'll write it down." He pulled out his phone still breathing hard. "And how many wins does that give me?" I asked smugly with a proud smirk. "Since we first met until now, you have 154 wins and I have 157 wins." He chuckled opening the car door up.  "We have 21 ties." He announced and I hopped into our car.


Home!!! The Kuroken car was already pulled in and so was the Tsukkiyama car. "Howdey! What's going on in here?" I flew open the front door and looked around, no one was seen but I did see their car keys and shoes at the front door. "Ok they are probably asleep. Now, can I cash in my cuddles?" Kageyama fell on top of me hugging me tightly. "Yes! Let's go to our room, it's more comfortable." I kissed his cheek and skipped up the stairs.

I was so comfortable I could fall asleep right now! "Tobio. I love you! Like a lot!" I smiled and gave him another short kiss. He hummed in response snuggling his head even closer into me. "Stop being so sweet. I can't handle it." He yawned and I just snuggled closer. His breathing evened out and his heart beat steadied. I kissed him once more and fell asleep.

Kuroo POV

"Come on! You have to film tomorrow right? So, go to sleep early!" I whined at Kenma who was playing Animal Crossing. His schedule was slightly off track after all the stuff that's been happening so I want to help him get back on track. "Yeah, I'll be doing like a vlog thing through out the day. What time is it?" He finally looked up and I snatched the switch from his hand. I put it under my pillow and smiled at him. "I can't believe I fell for it again. You've been doing this since forever and I still fell for it." He sighed and got under the covers. His lips were in a slight pout and his hair was tied back, small strands coming out of place. "You are so pretty! I love you!" I placed my hand on the side of Kenmas face and he snuggled into it. He did a lot of cat-like movements and actions but I liked it either way. He curled up into my chest and me fell asleep.

*i have concluded that someone is in my head because when I was almost done with this chapter I saw someone had messaged me asking for Kagehina fluff and I was like WOAH WHAT HOW! Anyways hope you liked that and yes Shoyo makes the cars the ship names of the couples that owned it.

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