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TRIGGER WARNING: sexual abuse and r*pe mentioned be safe!
*WEEHOO UM honestly my brain is just throwing ideas out and I'm just rolling with it.*
Suga POV

She fell asleep on my shoulder and so I picked her up and put her in her room. She seemed so young and hurt for her age but I don't blame her. "Oh Kiyoko! Sorry we haven't been in touch for a while! It's weird to just randomly call you over like this." I give her a weak smile. "Oh don't worry about it! Natsu really needs a nice day off from what happened. I'm glad I could help! How have you all been? I'm surprised no one died yet!" She eases up the situation and makes small talk.


Sunshine: do you guys think we could get away with murder?
Tanaka: most definitely. I'm down.
E N E R G Y: I have the address saved. What was the last straw?
Sunshine: well funny thing I was thinking, if my mom is out drinking away from the house and my father was in the house...
Blueberry Milk Guy: wait do you think he's doing... the thing he used to do to your mom to your sister?
Sunshine: maybe. I know she has bruises but I don't know if she has those bruises.
Sugamama: wait what? Hinata where are you?
Sunshine: hold on.

I shut my phone off and looked at Kiyoko who was reading the texts over my shoulder. I waited a minute or two before hearing someone dashing to the front door. "Hinata Shoyo! Stop what you are doing, what is going on?" He was halfway out the door but when he turned around his eyes were puffy and red.
"He- HOW COULD HE DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO HER?!" He broke down in my arms. He tried to explain but couldn't. Kageyama came running up and whispered in my ear. "There is more to what he would do. We saw the bruises. We think he was r- sexually abu-"
"We are leaving now." I immediately grabbed my jacket and keys. I quickly text the groupchat what's going on and everyone came from everywhere.

"Wevenge? I wike dat!"
"So, can we all go or is it like a mini killing?"
"I know how to hide a body. If that's useful."
"Oh, it'd be such a shame if I let you all go."
"You guys don't text me for this long, might as well bond over a killing."
"UwU can't wait!"
"Who the fuck just said UwU!?"
"Beating up my boyfriends father? I can check that off my bucket list?"
"Can I step on his dick with my heels?"
"That sounds ✨painful✨"
"How the fuck?"

That's how we got here standing outside of the house and all of the scariest people at the front and the support in the back. "Who the fuck is at the do- oh it's Shoyo's gay friends. What are you all gonna do to me? Go fuck off." Akaashi slammed the door back and put on the most menacing grin I have ever seen.

"Oh. You'll find out what we can do. Come have a seat in the living room."

*UM I- Natsu protection squad is assembled and we'll find out if they commit a murder, almost get sent to jail, or back down. What would you like to see most because I know what I would like!

~Hecate who is spitting out these chapters like a Llama spits at annoying people. Sorry if it seems rushed or if it's ✨✨ shit✨✨

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