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*HEY QUICK THING: Natsu in my story is going to be 14 right now! I don't know her actual age but that's how old she is right now. I am supposed to be sleeping and getting my schedule together!!!*
Hinata POV

I was so unbelievably angry. My dad had stayed away from us as much as possible when I was there but now he decides to show up more? Natsu didn't deserve this, I had protected her for so long in that house and tried my hardest to keep my parents happy. "Kiyoko and Yachi are coming over. Who's going with you to the house?" Tanaka asked and when I looked around everyone was dressed. Hecate was red faced and ready to go and Tanaka already had the keys.

My phone rang and I immediately grabbed it.

"Please! Hurry, Shoyo! He's home and Moms here and they're screaming and fighting! I heard glass break please just come quick! What do I pack in a bag if I stay with you guys?" She was breathing heavy and crying, the voices of screams in the back brought memories I tried so hard to forget. "Natsu, I'm going to put you on speaker and we are all going to help. Sadly, Iwaizumi has experience in packing a safe ready to run away bag so he will help you." I reach out my shaky hand and feel Iwaizumi grab the phone. The yelling and screaming hurt me to hear, her voice cracked and a girl so young shouldn't have to deal with stuff like this!

Iwaizumi spoke on the phone with her and told her everything she needed to bring and explained that if anything was left we can buy it for her. He had experience in having to make sure he had a bag to run away with because he was scared he would be kicked out. It was sad when we found out but I'm glad he knows now. Akaashi was also helping her steady her breathing and I couldn't ask for better friends. We were in the car heading quickly over there. Tanaka, Noya, Akaashi, Iwaizumi and me were all heading to the house. Kageyama drove the other car behind so we can all have room.
"She just hung up. We heard a door crash open and she hung up! Her bag is packed and she has everything, are we there?" Iwaizumi puts the phone down and looks around.

The dreaded house came into view and the door was wide open. "Tanaka and Noya wait at the door. Iwaizumi and Akaashi when she comes out please help with the bags and her. I need to see what the fuck that man is doing!" I hopped out the car. I felt I was seeing red and when I marched into that house, the sight was painful. Glass was broken, pictures were on the floor, the lights were on, I still heard yelling, my mom was no where to be seen, and a mans voice was yelling. Tanaka and Noya were close behind I think and when I got in the room, I broke. His hand was in the air just centimeters away from Natsu and she was curled in a tight ball.

"If you don't get the fuck away from her I swear you'll be dead." I had no control over what I was saying. "Natsu, go outside with Akaashi and Iwa. Us 3 will be up here." She gets up and runs out the door. "Hey man. Sit down. We have a lot to say and do. Shoyo, take it away." They came up to the side of my father and the look in his eyes made me want to kill him even more.
"No! Shoyo!" Natsu yelled and Kageyama was at the door too. "He is our father! Let's just leave for now!" She yelled again. Her body was shaking, she had a black eye and bruises, and her face was tear stained. My heart aches and I immediately left. "Me and Noya will be in the car with Kageyama." They parted to the car and me, Keiji, Hajime, and Natsu were in the other car. I start hugging Natsu right away. I apologized for leaving her and held her tight. "It's fine! It was my fault!"
"No! It wasn't." Keiji looked at Natsu and smiled at her. "You're really brave! We'll get back quick." He turned back around and I continued to make sure she was ok.
"Can I see... your wrists?"
She tensed. He body language became closed off and she wrapped her hands around herself. Her eyes squeezed shut and her hands tightened. Her arm turned around in front of me and the white and red lines lined her arms. My heart felt like it was being squeezed and picked at, my tears were trailing down, and she was shaking.

"I'll take you away from there! You can live with us and we won't have to worry about them anymore."
"Are the people nice?"
Iwaizumi perked up. "Yeah! We all will make you big breakfasts and dinners! You can swim I the pool! Go out with friends or just hang with us!" He spoke softer than normal. Natsu has a slight smile.
"Fuck! I forgot my makeup for school! I can't have them see these bruises!" She yelled and started looking through her bags.
"Ok well 1: you aren't going to school for at least three days. 2: Kiyoko and Yachi can help and we'll take you shopping." I hug her again as we pull into the driveway.

Time to meet, explain, and help Natsu. I hope she feels better quick and soon.

*WOOOO!! Don't worry we will get revenge on the father and Kiyoko and Yachi will make a big appearance to help Natsu!

~Hecate who literally loves when all the usually tough characters go sweet 🥺

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