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Akaashi Mr. I'm horny Keiji POV

I was getting incredibly needy but I don't want to lose. Bokuto was focused on his cotton candy but honestly I just want to be pinned down by him. We were walking around doing games, we rode some rides, and we got some food. We ran into some people too. "Kotaro~" I spoke low again because I needed him to lose before me. I got an idea.
"Guys I left something in the car! Bokuto, can you come and open the door? I don't know where I dropped it."
"Oh yeah sure! We'll be right back!"

I pulled him into our car and closed the door. "Ah! Keiji!"
"I know I said you needed to hold back but I can't!" I panted and if I wasn't so horny I would be very embarrassed at what I was saying. "Keiji! Shouldn't we wait until we get in the house? I remember you saying you would never want to do it in publ-"
"Fuck that! I need you now. Please?"
"Damn!" Bokuto pulled me close and kissed me messy.

The kiss was so messy but so good. I attempted to gain dominance of the kiss but failed when his hands reached under my shirt. He pulled my shirt over breaking the kiss and he took his shirt off. "Damn, you've been messing with me all day and now look at you. Melting at my touch." He groaned kissing down my neck. He was definitely leaving marks all down my neck. He nipped and sucked on my neck. "You purposely brought up the skirt thing, too. You want me to fuck you against a counter with your skirt still on." He mumbled and unbuttoned my pants. I slid them off quick.

This felt so rushed but so blissful. "Kotaro! Come on and fuck me quick! I don't want anyone to notice and I really want you." My voice was breathy but desperate and Kotaros eyes were dark and lustful. "Fuck, Keiji. You're so fucking pretty like this. Desperate and begging for me." He tugged off my last bit of clothing and immediately put two fingers to my entrance. His hooded eyes stared at me as the car got hotter with the smell of sex and our heavy breaths. His fingers poked and prodded at my entrance and I was rocking into air.

"Aw look at you! Your so fucking desperate! What do you want me to do?"
"F-Fuck me! Fuck me please! I don't even need prep!" I begged out and a hand came to my mouth. "Alright then. Be quiet, baby boy." He thrusted into me and I gasped. The sting and the mix of pain and pleasure were perfect. His hand moved down and he pinched my nipple. My hand shot up and I bit down on it as he twisted, flicked, rubbed, and pinched my nipples. "I'm going to move now." I nodded squeezing my eyes shut and biting harder on my hand.

"Darling, uncover your face~. I want to see your pretty face and hear your nice moans."
I shook my head. I didn't want people to hear us. He hummed and stopped moving.
"Ride me then." He smirked when I reluctantly got up. I positioned myself above him, one hand on his shoulder and the other across my face to hide it. I just stood hovered right over him until he pounded upwards.
"That's right baby boy, make those pretty moans just for me~"
I moaned and made slight whines as he held my hips up. My hips were being held in place in the air and he was ruthlessly pounding into me.
"Hah! Ah! Don't st- AH!"
He pounded ruthlessly and I covered my face again to stop myself from screaming. I felt so good I felt tears well in my eyes. The rough and fast pace was heavenly and his grunts were even better.

"Baby boy, are you almost at your limit?" He spoke deeper than usual and my legs felt like they were going to give out from the position he kept me in. "Hnngh! Fuck!" I couldn't answer him but he understood when my legs started shaking. "Don't cum just yet, baby boy!" He laid me on the seat and started flicking at my nipples again, sending my brain into overdrive. He moved slightly and when he pinched my nipples he slammed into me. He hit my prostate and no matter how much I willed myself to not cum I did. My legs shook as I came down from my high but Bokuto has different ideas.

"Wait! Stop! I'm- HAH!!" I screamed out as he pounded into me, hitting my sensitive prostate. The car was too small I couldn't spread my legs out but he looked down at me with cold eyes. "Mmm baby boy~ you didn't listen to me." He slammed in again and my pants were heavy and short. He groaned coming down from his orgasm. When he pulled out I felt it leak out a bit. "That's why we keep napkins in the car! Here, you can clean off." He handed me a couple napkins and looked out of the car. No one was in the parking lot and it looked the same from before.

When his phone went off I checked to see what was up. "Who texted me now?"


Kuroo: are you two done fucking????? We all are still enjoying our time! Hurry and get your asses back!

Oops! We should hurry up!

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