Wake Up, Sleepy

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*Im supposed to be packing for my beach trip but naaaahhh I would rather procrastinate*


I lifted my hand to my head. What time is it? Wasn't I just driving the car? I looked around and I was back in our room and Daichi was draped over me. I kissed his forehead to signal that I needed to get up and he rolled over with a grunt. I checked my phone and it was exactly 6am. I forgot my alarm but it's fine, I need a shower though.

When I got in the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and saw the mess I still had on my face. I had a few small cuts and bruises on my face. "Damn. That looks a little bad." I said looking at my knuckles and face. I washed my face with cold water and started a hot shower. The water hit some cuts dead on, making me hiss slightly. I would rather never bring up what we did ever again but I know it'll be brought up eventually.


Ok! Breakfast! I start grabbing all my ingredients and stuff out.
"The mom is cooking!" I turn to the person and it was Nishinoya. He seemed bright and up and unusually happy. "Hey. Help me cook!"

We were cooking for a little while and the silence was out of place. "You know you can't be caught up on what happened, right? It's over and done with. The guy is silent and went along with it." Noya spoke deeper and quieter. I couldn't tell if I was feeling guilt for beating him or something else. "He was a bad person. Suga, are you ok?" He still spoke kindly. "Yeah. I'm good. Let's just make breakfast and stop focusing on it."

Noya POV

I felt pretty good that the guy understands his place. I didn't feel bad for him because he deserved it. Breakfast would almost be done and then I could wake everyone up. This was my favorite part!"Alright. I'll take the rest off the stove and put them on plates. Go wake them up!" With that I ran! I grabbed two pans and went to my first victims. "Tanaka! Ennoshita! Wake up!" I banged the pans together. Their room was pretty basic, it had pretty neutral colors which was Ennoshita's choice because Tanaka would have made the room into a gym if he had the chance. "AH! Oh." Ennoshita popped up from under Tanaka's arm and snuggled into his shoulder. "GET UP!" I hit the bed and ran out when I knew they would get up.

NEXT VICTIMS! "Makki, Mattsun!!!" I jumped into their room and saw them up on their phones and laughing. Of course they are up. "Breakfast!! Did you even sleep?" I asked and they looked up and started laughing even harder. I shut the door and left.

You know what this takes too long. I stood in the hallway and decided if I open all the doors and bang the pans hard enough everyone would wake up. But first let's just wake up Asahi, Natsu, Yachi, and Kiyoko. Asahi was closest and the ladies were upstairs. "Asahi! Hey! It's breakfast time!" I whisper-yelled and he was curled up hugging the pillow. I tip-toed into the room and rolled him over on his back. I straddled him and bent down.
"Asahi Azumane~" I whispered in his ear and his eyes fluttered open. He groaned and attempted to turn on his side but failed. He touched my waist and I knew what he would do.

He flipped me on my back and smirked when my cheeks flushed. "Don't like being woken up in a position like this, huh?" He chuckled and got up to the bathroom. Let me wake up the last three so I can horribly wake up the rest. I skipped out of the room and up the stairs. I knocked on the door to Yachi's room. "Come in!" She yelled through the door and I went inside. Yachi was dressed and cleaning the room. Kiyoko was also in here and looking at Yachi with loving eyes.

"That's gay. Anyways, me and Suga cooked breakfast so you guys can come down and eat." I smiled and exited the room. Now to wake Natsu up. I knocked on the door softly but there was no response. I clicked the door open and it was unbelievably dark. "Hey. Natsu, you ok? It's Nishinoya." I spoke quietly and stayed in the doorway. I didn't want to scare her or anything. I walked slowly to the edge of the bed and I touched her shoulder lightly. I saw her tense up and it looked like she stopped breathing. "Hey hey! It's ok! It's just Nishinoya. Breakfast is ready if you want some. We will be here and Yachi is here too." I spoke quietly and I walked back to the door when I heard a tiny voice.
"Thank you."
"No problem! Just make sure you wake up, Sleepyhead."

NOW! "WAKE THE FUCK UP! WE GOT BREAKFAST READY, FUCKERS!!" I was downstairs throwing all the doors open and yelling loudly. There was a chorus of "You're so dead!" and "Shut the fuck up!" but everyone got up anyways.

*Pffft- I literally wrote half of this while procrastinating to pack for my trip to the beach and the last half on my way to the beach. I'm probs gonna spam my story or just ask people to entertain me.

~Hecate who is on their way to the beach for a bit

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