Online Class and Brownies

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*Kenma. That's it. That's the whole thing. Kenma.*
Kenma POV

I am doing online class. I hate it. I joined so I don't have to see people or have any interaction. This class is whatever. I'm not even paying attention.
"Fuck you, teacher. Good thing I'm on mute bitch." I stuck the middle finger in the camera before laying back. Kuroo can still help me study. Or Hinata. Actually nevermind, I don't trust his smarts.

"Hey! Are you gonna stream later?" Akaashi peaked in glancing at the computer. "If this class doesn't murder my happiness." I rolled my eyes turning my body to the door. "What happiness? You only know anxiety and depression." He giggled before closing the door and leaving me to use anything to distract from whatever the fuck the teacher is saying. I can just complete the work after school, alone than do it now.


Ok. I'm tired of this. I should just drop out. I should leave and just start sleeping or streaming or playing something but nooo YoU hAvE tO gEt An EdUcAtIoN. "Kenma, can you answer my question?" The teacher called out and I froze. I haven't prepared. What if my voice cracks. I don't even know the question. "Red." I unmute and watch in terror as she clears her throat. "That actually isn't my favorite color!! Good try though!"

I breathed out and downed the rest of my water. Isn't this math? Why are we talking about favorite colors? More importantly, why did I panic and say red? I'm officially dropping ou- "You guys can leave the meeting now."
Crisis over!! I am officially good now! I'm going to grab sprite and a bag of chips and hurry to complete the work now.


"Iwaizumi Hajime! What the absolute fuck happened?" Oikawa had Iwaizumi in his lap looking at all the marks. "Why and who did you fight?" Oikawa rubbed at the cut before dragging him away to clean them. I looked up at Shoyo who was rubbing my head in his lap. "Anyways, how was school? I heard you did it online like Akaashi." He listened as I rambled about how sucky it was but it still was better than going into the class. "I have two more years of this." I complain before sitting up and stretching. Shoyo jumps up and runs to the kitchen with way more energy then I ever have. Everyone was chiller than normal due to uni-UGH! Univer- URGH! University- EW! Natsu had gotten back and took a nap immediately. I got her up when I made myself a little snack. She was one of the first to get back because kids have it easy.

"In our class we learned that there are different realities! There's one that currently is going through a pandemic and a whole bunch of stuff!! Our teachers said they leave that reality alone when it comes to scientists. They call that reality 'Hell but Earth'!" Natsu ranted on and I just squinted at her. I don't know what type of school she goes to but they let her break the 4th wall so that's fine. Hecate will probably patch it up. The nice dinner cooked up by none other than the chef named Yaku was great and calming. On the other hand-

"Hey! Kenma! You wanna have the first when it's done?" Mattsun points to the 'brownies' he made. Makki is sitting on the counter with that stupid smile. "Of course I want one." I sit cross legged on the kitchen floor.

*AHBSOWBDOENF hi! So I have taken it upon myself to say fuck school and fuck this reality. Imma live in Haikyuu! On the complete other hand I continue reading sad fanfics so I can cry. If y'all got good recs to sad fanfics pass them over!! It can be any show and ship!

~Hecate who totally didn't make Makki Mattsun and Kenma have pot brownies nope not them

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