The Hinata Family

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*Um am I starting some angst? Yes. Here is the Hinata family issues. Also would you mind if I did some chapters mostly texting?*
Hinata POV

The strawberry shortcake was almost done and for some reason I was hit with a wave of realization. I hadn't messaged anyone from my family since we started the move and I promised Natsu I would talk to her still. "Hey what's the up- YAMAGUCHI! Why are you crying? What happened at the date?" I yelled walking in and seeing the baking gang consoling Yama. The baking gang consisted of: Suga, Hecate, Asahi, Lev, Ennoshita, Makki and Mattsun.

"I am about to beat a bitch up! Look being Gay and proud isn't a bad thing! Flaunt it because she's probably mad that her life is sad and boring!" Hecate does hand motions and is sitting in the counter. "I swear if ANYONE ever says some bullshit like that and no one stands up for you, I will personally appear from no where and nicely tell her to fuck off." Ennoshita hugs Yama and looks at me. "Oh, Shoyo! Yams was targeted with Homophobic comments and it got to him." He explains and they all turn to me. "That's not it! A couple was there and they were so nice and stood up to the lady! I feel better knowing someone was there to help!" Yams wipes his eyes and gets up. "Now! Enough sad! I already told you all the cute stuff so let's get this cake out!"

"Anyone want a Giant Cake Peice!!" Suga calls out and Yams skips out with the biggest slice of cake for Tsukki. "Here you go! I made sure to get you a big piece!" Yams smiles at Salty and he blushed giving him a big kiss. I go to him to tease him,
"Aw! Who knew you would blush!"
"Go somewhere. You can NOT ruin my cake."
"You have a soft spot for Yams!"
"Of course I do. Tadashi is my boyfriend. Now go find your king."

I pout and sit down on a chair pulling my phone out to text Natsu.


Me: HEY! Sorry I haven't texted in a while! How's everything at the house? Dad and Mom?

NATSU!!: Thank god you texted. They aren't doing well. It all went downhill! Dad is back to his old ways and Mom is out drinking every night! She hasn't come home recently and dad take the anger out on me!

NATSU!!: Idk what I did wrong or why it started right when you started packing to leave but I did something and it's now back to code purple! Please get me out quick he's coming home in 5 minutes

My phone fell to the floor. I stood up and the plate in my lap fell. Purple meant Dad was abusive and Mom wasn't Sober.
"Shoyo!!" Kageyama came to my side and I fell into his side. "What is it?" Everyone was worried and I couldn't make out many words. I can't believe I left Natsu in that mess!

"Tobio. Remember our codes I told you about? Natsu's in code purple. We have to get her out. Call Kiyoko and Yachi we might need them too."

*OH SHIT TURN OF EVENTS!! I might be getting back into the swing of things but I'm still effected a lot. I'm glad you all understood and the angst coming up is going to be loads.

~Hecate who is sorry in advance for all the sad coming up.

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