Chapter 24

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Levi sat in the room and watched the "class" happening before him in shock, Gaia was doing mathematics and she could read. He had no idea that she progressed this much. She seemed to be able to read much better than she was able to talk. At this point, she was almost more educated than most of the corps, given that the system prioritized producing more soldiers much more than scholars. So most just knew how to read and understood basic history, the rest is "how to kill a titan 101" and the basics to stay alive. Gaia let out an aggravated sigh and looked out of the window, seeming to be super annoyed at the current sum she was doing, 

"Gaia, please, you know this one, don't give u-up, so quickly," Armin begged from next to her, she just pouted in reply and crossed her arms, 

"Eren," Armin called over to where Eren was standing dusting a shelf in the back corner of the room (as per Levi's command). Eren set the duster down and walked over to them, he bent down in front of Gaia's desk, getting to eye-level with her, 

"Gaia, do the math, please" He beckoned quietly, Gaia looked at Eren for a moment, then picked her quill and tried again. Levi raised an eyebrow at this, 

"We call it the 'Baby stare'," Jean explained from where he stood, preparing Gaia's lunch, 

"No only you call it that, horse-face," Eren said with a glare, 

"Actually everyone calls it that..." Christa commented from where she was pouring tea for everyone, 

"W-What? S-Since when?!" Eren asked gob-smacked that everyone else was aware of something that he wasn't.

"Ever since you started doing it," Christa explain, smiling sheepishly and scratching the back of her head. Levi noticed this and realised that must be where Gaia learnt it. 

"What exactly is he doing?" Asked Erwin who was just as confused as Levi, since he did not sit in on her classes either. 

"We don't exactly know, Eren just looks at her and tells her to do something, we think its because of the fact that she sees him as her baby, that's why she wants to make him happy" Jean explains while chuckling and Eren's very obvious irritation. 

"Odd," Levi said watching Gaia who seemed to be extremely focused on finishing her sum. 

"Y-Yes, but effective. Whenever she g-gets a bit stubborn to cover content, Eren a-always comes in handy to assist." Armin explained, getting up and walking over to Levi once he was sure she understood what she was doing, 

"She h-has made shockingly f-fast progress," He said looking over at her, 

"I c-cover maths and speech, Christa covers etiquette, Mikasa h-has been helping with muscle strength, Hanji has b-been teaching h-her what it means to be human and the r-rest pitch in where it is necessary," Armin explained or rather reported. Levi was not sure how to feel about the fact that Hanji was seen as suitable to be teaching Gaia how to be human, she was not exactly considered 'normal', but he supposes that was why she also had etiquette classes with Christa. He then looked over at Mikasa,

"So you have been teaching her how to walk?" Levi enquired,

"Actually no, I have been teaching how to build her strength, one day she just showed up back at class on her own after one of her breaks, we were all surprised," Mikasa replied, 

"And when did that happen?" He asked,

"About a week ago," she replied, Levi's eyebrow arched, he could not believe how Gaia had him eating out of her palm, what shook him, even more, is that he was okay with it. 

"Interesting," Levi commented, 

"Anything else I should know?" 

"Well not really, since she seems to keep most of the things she learns to herself," Armin said.

"Actually, Hanji's classes have been doing her good, she has been getting better at having conversations with us," Jean informed him, 

"And she even has preferences," Christa added on with a chuckle, to which Ymir rolled her eyes,

"What do you mean?" Levi asked, 

" She prefers being around Eren, but some people she glares at and others..." Christa giggled, Ymir sighed,

"She completely ignores others, one of them being me, " Ymir concluded, the rest of the scouts burst out laughing,  Levi was smirking at the social skills that Gaia learnt from him. 

"Why does she do that though?" Levi asked, 

"Who knows why she does anything," Jean replied and they both turned their gaze to Gaia.  Whose gaze was already on them, her pencil was on the desk in front of her and worksheet... was lying crumpled on the floor in front of her. 

"Oh come on Gaia, did you really h-have to crumple it?" Armin complained as he picked up the paper, 

"Where is Hanji by the way?"Erwin, who had been quietly observing,  asked, 

"Recently, she has been spending less time in the class with Gaia and whenever we ask, she just says that her workload had been 'picking up', " Jean explained with a shrug, 

"Never thought, the day would come where Hanji of all people would lead by example," Levi sighed, as he stood up, pulling on his jacket,

"We should get back to work, let's go, Erwin, " He said as he walked over to Gaia, 

"See you later," He greeted, 

"L-Levi take me too," Gaia said, 

"No, you need to finish your work, I will be back to come get you later," Levi said as he walked briskly towards the door, Erwin followed closely behind. He had to leave quickly, know full well that if she was given the chance to reply and she would make it impossible for him to leave her there.


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