Chapter 19

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(End of flashback)

Gaia soon realized that when ever she called Levi by his name, he would turn red in the face or give her grapes, to which she was very pleased with. She used this newly gained super power to get out of a lot of lessons and keep Levi away from his work many times. Even though his workload technically halfed since she entered the wall. The titans never seemed to get too close.

Even now, shook took advantage of using his name, as he laid watching her sleeping form and playing with her hair.

The other scouts noticed that she was learning much faster than usual and that she made actual effort to vex them, some of the females suggested that because she is starting to show more personality traits that she would probably want to be around more females and offered to share their room with her. Levi tried to make it seem as though the thought of her sleeping somewhere else didn't bother him and allowed them to move her out of the room. All seemed to go as planned, until night fell and Gaia seemed to fully grasp what moving out of Levi's room meant. The halls of the female dorms were filled Gaia's screams, she refused to stop until Levi himself came to fetch her. She clung to him so tightly that night that Levi could not even change from his day clothes that night and had to sleep with them on.

He would never admit it, but he was glad that she was here with him. He would be lying if he said that he didn't feel a sense of pride when it reported that Gaia refused to stop shouting his name before he showed up to fetch her . He didn't want her to sleep in another building, another room... in another bed.

For some reason the females were concerned about the 'nature' of Gaia and his relationship and suggested that for the sake of being decent, she should at very least sleep on a separate bed. Much to Levi's irritation, another bed had been installed in his room. Once again, Levi could not bring himself to tell them to stop because she belonged in the same bed as him. So he set her there on the bed opposite his as he settled in that night. Gaia didn't mind, she kept eye on him, peacefully watching him going about his night routine with a small smile on her face, until she saw him blow out the candle which usually meant he was going to sleep. Hastily she threw herself off of her own bed and crawl to his bed, once she reached the edge of his bed, she struggled to get on. He continued to watch her struggled until she shakily whispered his name, in that one word he could hear how vulnerable and needy she was at that moment. His body reacted long before he decided what to do, in that moment he swept her into his arms and held her. She seemed to enjoy it as she nuzzled her face into his neck. Levi sighed as he picked her up and put her back in her bed, she wrapped her arms around his neck so he could have better grip. He put her down and tried to get up to go, when he realized that she was refusing to let go. "Gaia, I need to go to sleep" he said trying to resist her. "No, Levi, n-no" she replied, desperation seeping into her voice, "Levi" she whispered, tightening her grip, -"Levi" she said again, looking into his eyes, begging him to stay with her

-"Levi" or at least take her with him to his bed,

-"Levi" he was finding it quite hard to avoid her emerald gaze, -"Levi" he had to his resolve= strong,

-"Levi", he could see in her eyes that she understood how much power her mantra held over him

-"Levi", he could feel his resolve= slowly crumbling,

-"Levi" she said firmly, this was a power struggle,

-"Levi" she said slightly louder realizing that this was a true battle,

-"Levi" no, he was stronger than this

-"Levi" she said whispered, she was slowly getting fed up, still chipping away at his resolve

-"Levi" she repeated his name wishing that he would just give up already,

-"L-Levi" she groaned, exasperatedly....groaned...what resolve?

He picked her up and put her in his bed, his face bright red. He tucked her in and fell onto his side of the bed, back towards her.

-"Le-" " Go to sleep Gaia, good night" He cut her off. He might be one of humanity's greatest heroes, but he was still a red blooded man. He shared a room and bed with her, but even he had his limits...

Needless to say that, the very next day promiscuous rumours were spread on how Gaia's voice was heard uttering Levi's name repeatedly, from their room, in the dead of night. For once, Levi felt as though he couldn't blame them though, for even his mind reeled down an unholy pit at her behaviour. Something he was definitely not proud of.

Even now, as he laid next to Gaia's sleeping form, he couldn't help but chuckle at how far they have come. He could barely believe that this angel-like, sleeping, girl was a titan. He once again played with her hair. She muttered his name in her sleep, Levi shook his head as he turned over to blow out the candle next to their bed.

Even in her slumber she continued to vex him.


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