chapter 10

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The young titan stood in her human form in front of the jury. Levi stood at her side and almost all the members of the scout regiment were present. It was quite a sight to behold. Eren's was full, but not this full. There were people standing and listening attentively as Levi reported in detail all the events that has happened throughout the passed few weeks, he of course left out the few times that he expressed his gratitude towards the female titan.

There has been a lot of tension in the room, armed guards stood around Levi and the titan, watch her every twitch. Unlike Eren, she had not been a human when they met her, she had not lived with them, grew up amongst them and so she was threat. She was mysterious and in the cruel world that they are in, mystery had never been a good thing. She did not seem to comprehend what was going on, her eyes were just focused on Levi, as it had been since the moment he made his presents known in her cell up until now. She did not seem to be able to talk either. She had not made a sound or any signs of struggling when they apprehended her just outside the wall, nor when she was escorted to the court room. If they had not seen it with their own eyes, it would be hard to ever believe that this little, fragile looking, girl had ever been a man eating monster. She studied Levi's form, more specifically at his arm that had been put into a sling shortly after his outburst when searching for her.

Her concentration, however, was broken by the judges loud voice, booming loudly throughout the room, making her sensitive ears ache a bit.
"You are telling me that, you are requesting that the titan stays within the walls? With us humans?" He shouted incredulously, his face etched with horror, some of the scouts in the stand leaned forward, while others stiffened.
"Yes" Levi replied calmly. The jury started shouting and arguing against the notion.
"There is no way that, that monster can stay here amongst mankind!" One of the women in the jury of the court shouted,
"Hey! She isn't a monster!" Jean shouted back, beginning to climb over the stand, Eren and Mikasa, both prevented him from doing so by pulling him back by the sleeves of his uniform,
"She should be exterminated by corps, just like the rest!" Another jury member shouted,
"Now you wait just a minute!" Eren shouted angrily and started climbing over with Jean, Mikasa grabbed a hold of both of their collars and held them back.
"Very well, you may do so," Levi replied nonchalantly, his calm voice never faulting . He had been so calm one would say that he had been in just a normal Sunday afternoon chat. The judges seemed to be elated, sitting up a bit more confidently as they foresaw a victory, however this moment was short lived,
"However, the person who puts her to death will personally face my wrath and I will just be dragged here, back to court," some of the jury gasped and some of the scouts mouths stood agape. This had been a very odd sight, Levi handed out death threats as if it were candy, however he had never made one for the sake of someone else.
"Also...," the judge and the jury braced themselves for the worst,
"I will be sending you my forms of resignation, I will become a farmer" this took the whole court room by surprise, the room was completely silent, with the exception of Hanji giggling in the background, humanity's greatest soldier, resigning...becoming a farmer...
The court burst with a roar of protests, the jury was now on Levi's side, they couldn't possibly loose Levi. Levi stood their with a smirk and his arms folded across his chest. This was so easy. He won this case. The judge finally gave in,
"You will take full responsibility of it?" "Yes"
"Very well. Levi Ackerman, wins the case. The monster is now in his care. Case closed"

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