Chapter 14

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"What is it?" Levi asked taking a seat at his desk.

"She clearly needs to be taught some skills," Hanji said looking at the titan girl on the bed.

"Nonsense, look at her she is completely fine." Levi said looking at the girl. The words from those three random people were still plaguing his mind. He could not trust people with her while she is like this, people would take advantage of her.

"Levi, she is struggling to fold a shirt..." She replied.

"So? The scouts barely know how to fold shirts either, have you seen how much creases are on th-"

"That's not what I meant and you know it Levi. She is weak, she lacks social skills, she can't speak, Levi. She needs help." Hanji interrupted. Levi sighed.

"Fine, but I will supervise anyone who is going to help her." Levi said back and crossed his arms.
"Who do you have in mind?"

"Armin and I will educate her, basic education including speaking, reading, writing, colours, the works. Jean and I will be teaching her social skills."

"Why Jean?" Levi asked, aside from his newly awakened protective side, he was genuinely clueless as to why Jean of all people should be teaching social skills to her.

"Well, it's actually going to be Armin as well, but Jean begged to be a part of this, aside from preparing her meals."

"Wait, Jean prepares her meals?"

"Yes, Jean and Eren, apparently they heard the cook verbally appreciating the appearance of the young titan girl and for some reason they have become very protective over her. Don't worry Armin and I are making sure the prepare food according to a strict diet..."

Levi didn't need to hear more. He felt somewhat relieved that they helped him dodge that bullet. However, he was worried for their motives as well.

"...and since you look like you are already helping her with her physical education" Hanji remarked and giggled, Levi just tsked in reply.

"Once you are done teaching her the basics, you and Eren need to teach her to fight beca-"

"No" he interrupted,


"I said no, didn't I " Levi face darkened with seriousness.

"She needs to be able to protect herself Levi. Not from the titans, frankly they seem to be afraid of her, but from the people.Being able to transform into a titan is not a popular trait to have."

"I'll protect her, I don't want to ever be the one to train her to fight." At hearing this Hanji bristled.

"Why not?! You trained Eren just fine" she raised her voice causing titan girl to look up from on her spot on the bed where her presence was long forgotten because of how engrossed she was with folding the shirt. Levi looked down.

"Its not the same"

"How is it not the same?! Do you think that all because she is female that she is weak?! Or is it because only Eren can be your student? Is she not good enough?" The titan girl seemed to notice that their conversation was starting to make Levi uncomfortable and she frowned.

"Its not that, you idiot!" Levi shouted. Startling the titan girl on the bed.

"Then what is it!?"

"Do you know how I train people? I don't want to treat her like that" Levi said averting his gaze, as pink blush spread across his face, Hanji had been taken aback because she (for once) had not been hinting at that.

She started smirking, clearly taking pleasure in the fact that he was uncomfortable. She was about to make a snarky reply, but she was interrupted.

"Hmm" a soft feminine grunt interrupted her, they looked across the room at the titan girl, who was looking at Hanji looking angry. Hanji ran hurriedly to the girl's side.

"Oh no, what have I done to displeasure you, princess?"

She just looked at Hanji with same angry look, Hanji started to panic,
"Please, princess don't be angry at me I can't live with myself like this"

Levi sighed and pushed Hanji away,
"What is it, monster?"

She reached up and touched his cheek, just like she earlier that day,

"Calm" her voice came out in a whisper, Levi stared at her yet again as if caught in a trance. The pregnant silence was disrupted by a,

"Awwwwwwww!" Gushing Hanji, whom had just witnessed their transaction.

"GET out, you buffoon!" Levi commanded with the titan girl's hand still on his face.


To be continued...

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