Chapter 29

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True to Gaia's wishes Levi found them a room for the night. However, it was only to that extent her wishes were fulfilled, much to her disappointment, once he saw her sprawled out on the bed looking at him expectantly, his face once again went red, he cleared his throat and mumbled something about going for a walk.

She sighed as she rolled onto her stomach on the bed. This bed was a bit harder than their usual one and kind of pricky. The mattress seemed to be filled with some type of straw.  One thing that was, however, the same as their usual room is that it was thoroughly clean. She chuckled at the thought of whichever poor soul Levi forced to clean the room before their arrival. 

So much was about to change, she could feel it coming. Whether or not her new people were ready for it she was not sure, but that was enough of that, she chose not to dwell on the things she did not have much control over.

She removed her clothes and went to the wardrobe where Levi had put their luggage in and took one of his shirts out. At this point in time, he knew to always pack in more for her, she smiled and held the shirt to her face taking in his natural woodsy and musky scent. She has come to know this scent as home.

Just then she heard the door open and close. She heard Levi mumble that he was back. At the angle that the door was, Levi could not see her yet as he set down two cups of tea and a bowl on their table near the entrance.

She considered hiding her severely under-dressed self(only in her chest wrappings and underwear) from him to spare him the embarrassment but then she remembered how he just left her in the room earlier, so she decided that he will have to bear the weight of his decision of not giving her what she wants. She smirked as he walked closer.

"I just heard fr-" he started but was cut off by the sight of her.

Gaia looked at him innocently holding his shirt on her arm, giving him a full view of her chest,

"You heard what?" she asked nonchalantly, as she set his shirt on the bed, his cheeks were inflamed once again. She looked at him and briefly saw his gaze rake her body before he quickly looked away and used his hand to obscure her from his view,

"Why didn't you just tell me that you were busy getting dressed?" he asked, doing his best not to think of all the possibilities of what could be happening if he weren't trying to be a gentleman. This proved to be a much harder task when he heard more fabric fall onto the bed, Levi held his breath as he imagined what it was,

"I didn't feel like I needed to, you've seen me without clothes before," she answered,

"W-What are you talking about?" he replied, trying to remember such a time,

"When I was a titan, I had no clothes on," she said and laughed when he shook his head,

"Come on Captain Levi, it's unlike you to be this shy," she teased with a smirk as she tried to lean into his view, he stiffened and spun around, letting his back face her,

"I am not shy, I am being a gentleman and giving you your privacy," he said, then gasped as he felt her arms snake their way around his abdomen and felt her press herself against his back,

"Why?" she asked as pressed her forehead against the nape of his neck,

"Because it's the right thing to do," he whispered in reply,

"Says who? Hanji sees me naked all the time" she asked,

"That's different, you are both women, and I am a man,"

" Why does that make a difference?" she asked,

"It just does," he replied,

"Who made you think that way?" she asked, and there was a brief moment of silence,

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