Chapter 34

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"Are you lost, little bird?" he asked adjusting his hat, grinning down at her. She had heard people speak of the devil, even she had some sort of idea of it without it having to be explained to her...she was sure she was staring right at him. Then again, she was pretty sure that Levi could be the devil as well...Why must the people in her life be this way, 

"What? Pssh, no," she said, trying to ignore how labored her breath was and how he towered over her, given that she was the shortest human she had ever seen, (excluding children)

" Are you sure about that?" he chuckled, taking a step closer to her, 

"Quiet sure, " She said, crossing her arms and trying to ignore any common sense that would beg her to back away, her hair was partly stuck to her forehead from over-exertion, 

"Then you are training?" he asked raising a brow,  amusement clear in his eyes,

"I...Uhm...huh?" she asked, clearly confused at this man's questions, as she wiped her forehead with her coat's sleeve, any shock or fear that she had for him seemed to melt away when he laughed at her response, 

"You ran past me three times before bumping into me, little bird," he said, between laughs, causing an embarrassed blush to form on her face, which made him laugh even more, 

"Shut up," she said, glaring at him, he laughed at how she tried to seem threatening to him. She barely reached his chest, while standing straight. Her wide innocent green eyes had no fear in them for him, despite how dangerous his demeanor was- one does not kill as many as he did and still has the luxury to come across as normal. Any other human, especially a woman would at least shiver in his presence. 

"You are acting tough for someone afraid of a bush," he smirked, as he saw her eyes go to the bush he spoke of, 

"Were... Were you in it?" she asked, as she eyed the plant suspiciously, 

"Why on Earth would I be in the bush?" he looked at her incredulously, 

"How did I not notice you?" she asked looking at him, he was not easy to miss, as if his height was not enough, he had broad shoulders, it was nearly impossible to not notice. He just shrugged in response, 

"Why are you out here, little bird?" he asked looking for something in his pocket, she watched his hand's movements, 

"Great, I might die, not sure who I blame more, Eren or Levi," she thought to herself,

"I had a fight with my..." she started, but was not sure how to describe her and Levi's relationship, they had never put an actual name it to, she was his and he was hers,

"Your boyfriend?" he helped,

"Uh...sure why not," she said, shrugging as well. He chuckled at how she copied his gesture,

"That bad, huh?" he asked, finally finding his lighter, putting his cigarette in his mouth, and lighting it, he watched her eyes follow his movements, her lack of suspicion towards him never ceased to surprise him. She watched the smoke leave his mouth in genuine interest, 

"...What...What is that?" she asked, watching him make a smoke ring in her direction, he raised an eyebrow at her question, 

"A cigarette?" he replied, clearly taken aback by the question, she did not seem to care, 

"Want one?" he asked, starting to feel slightly uncomfortable at her intrigued gaze, no one looked at him that way, 

"Yes," she breathed, sounding almost excited, he chuckled at her enthusiasm, as he pulled another one out of his coat pocket to her, she just looked at it, 

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