Chapter 30

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Episode 32- Close Combat

Levi sighed as he felt Gaia move around on the bed once again. What was meant to be a romantic morning after reaching a new level in their relationship had become slightly annoying when he realized that she was laying beside him pretending to sleep. She had been restless almost all night, twitching and glancing at the door at any sound. 

"Gaia," he said, his voice a bit rough having not spoken for hours, while he dozed in and out of consciousness, she turned to look at him, a blush aparent on her face,

"Levi, you are awake," she said, her hair covering her back, spilled on to the bed as she settle on her stomach to look at him, it covered half her face, which levi quickly remedied by tucking it behind her ear, her blush deepened and Levi could not help but smirk as he saw her eyes trail down his bare abdomen, 

"Something on your mind?" He teased playfully, 

"I am just feeling a little overwhelmed," she said, his eyebows shot up not expecting that to be the answer, 

"Why? Did we move to fast? We shouldn't hav-" he started, but was cut off by her lips on his, 

"Sshh" she hushed him once she pulled away, 

"It's not us, if anything we should have done that a lot sooner," she smirked and winked, she laughed lightly as she saw the red she adored so much return to his face. 

"Then what is it?" asked half out concern and half out of wanting to remove attenton from her making him flustered again, 

"They are fighting," she said so soft that it was almost a whisper, while glancing at the door. He looked at her, there was so much more to her than she let on and he knew it, but he trusted her. 

"How do you know, can you hear it?" He asked, 

Perhaps being a titan heightened more than just their healing rate? Perhaps their sense such as hearing and sight as well,  Levi thought

"More like feel it," she said, clearly in thought trying to process it as well, as she opened and closed her hands, 

"The same way Reiner and Betholdt made your skin crawl?" he asked,  remembering that she had mentioned something about this sixth sense before, 

"Almost, it feels as though... the bones in... my limbs are... expanding and... contracting, sometimes it feels like a pulse or vibration but I am not turning into myself, so I don't know," she tried to explain, they both looked at eachother, 

Turning into herself? She still considers her titan form to be her true self? Levi thought, its been months since she last mentioned her titan form. She had been unable to transform and Levi could not bring himself to ask which methods were being used let alone offer to aid in making her transform. Its become a sore topic for the both of them. He knew it frustrated her that she could not tranform, but knowing the nature of what get Erem to tranform, Levi did not want her to constantly hurt herself trying. 

There were a lot of unknown aspects of her history, she still hasn't gotten any of her memories back, but she would get this "feelings", almost as if here instincts were guiding her. It unsettled him more and more, especially her behaviour around Eren. 

He notices a few weeks back that Eren and her have not been speaking to eachother, unless Jean instigates conversation. He would just always automatically know that she either wants food or wanted to leave. This behviour bled into many areas, such as the fact that Eren had been sitting in on her lessons as well, he would just know that when she needs a pencil or when she needs it to be sharpened despite being preoccupied with his own work. 

He mentioned it to Hanji who told him that she noticed it as well, however she had noticed it a lot sooner than he did. It apparently started when she was still unable to talk. Gaia and Jean could horse around, but that was only on a social level. Eren knew what she needed in depth. They included Armin in the conversation,  he suspects it is because they were both able to turn into titan, technically titan usually do not speak but as seen in Eren's titan form, there is a level of understanding that takes place, which is what he thinks is happening. It is how they would communicate if they were in titan form.  According Armin, Eren started doing it before they had even  met Gaia, but it always just frustrated him because no one understood his quiet, body language. It was a truly confusing phenomena. 

"Other feelings have been coming back as well," she said looking at Levi, bringing him back to the present. He had been staring into space for quite a bit. Gaia knew that the there were a lot of gaps in her story, it frustrated her, she could only imagine how much it frustrated him. He was not the kind of person to trust another easily. The more invested they got into eachother, the more devasting the truth might be, onced it makes itself known to her. In hopes to prevent that, she tries to be as honest as possible whenever new things arise.

"I am missing something...or maybe someone." she explained looking confused, she felt a tug in her chest, 

"I feel it whenever I see people laughing with eachother, sometimes when I watched Jean or Eren making my meals or when I watch you sleep," she explained, what caused felt like a hole in her chest ache...Ache 

"...Or perhaps I am mourning them," she said in almost a whisper, she felt a pain in the back of her throat. She knew that that ball like feeling always occured when when she was about to cry. A feature that had become a common occurence, much to her disdain.  Not that Levi knew about it. 

"You think that you lost someone before you were a titan?" Levi asked, bringing his hand to her cheek. 

"I think I lost more than one person, perhaps my family?" she said, she released a pained sigh, as a tear for people unknown to her, it was a truly confusing feeling. It was if someone other than herself was telling her how they felt. This person felt as though she wanted to flatten cities (a truly dangerous feeling for someone like her) or to curl into a ball and never move again. Without her memories, these feelings do not as if they were completely her own. 

She felt a chill run down her body, for everyone's sake she prays that the day that these feelings become truly her own, she is far outside of the walls. 


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