Chapter 2

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She slowly rolled over, keeping her eyes locked on the scouts. While still lying, she turns on her side and lets her head rest on the upturned palm of her hand. She stared at them with her bright green eyes. Her face like many titans not hinting at what she was thinking, if she was thinking.

Just then, Hanji used her (look I'm at the point where I'm not sure about Hanji's gender, but just for this fics sake, I'm going to make her a girl) maneuver gear to get onto the female titan's hip.

"Hello, beautiful!" Hanji said while jumping up and down, waving her arms, trying to get the titan to notice her. Her effort proved to be fruitful, as the titan's emerald eyes slowly landed on her. Upon making eye contact, Hanji squealed and blushed.

The rest of the scouts moved closer without letting their guard down. They had already fired their canons for backup, everyone couldn't help but feel that this was the silence before the storm.

"She is gonna get herself killed," Jean said looking at the scene with unbelieving eyes.

From a distance, they could see other scouts approaching. The female titan seemed to not be bothered by the increase in the number of scouts as just continued to watch Hanji, while Hanji was ranting something about "beautiful".

"Don't worry, now with backup, I'm sure we will be able to stand our ground, also we have Levi, Mikasa, and Eren on our team, so it's almost impossible for her to win in battle" Armin said analyzing the situation.

Levi stood there looking at Hanji speaking slowly and loudly, using hand signs trying to communicate with the titan. As if the dumb titan could ever understand what she was saying.
"Idiot," he commented, eyes not leaving the scene.

As soon as the word left his mouth, the titan's head snapped towards the group, searching the now bigger group, until she locked her eyes on Levi. She started moving, changing her position. Now lying on her stomach, her head rested on her arms that were crossed on the ground, getting a better look at Levi. The group looked at the scene not believing what they were seeing. She just stared at him, yes titans can stare at people that is normal, but she was doing something different, she was showing emotion while looking at him. Unlike most Titans who have one permanent emotion on their face. Her once bored expression turned into an intrigued one.

Hanji who was now on the titan's backside tried desperately to gain the titan's attention again.

She then started reaching out towards Levi, and the entire group that surrounded him backed away almost immediately in fear. Levi stood still and watched the huge hand slowly move towards him. Those who had arrived as back-up's horses fled, at seeing the titan's movement.

"That's it!" Eren shouted and bit his hand, transforming into a titan. The titan's hand stopped advancing towards Levi and she sat up with crossed legs, looking at the transformation-lightning (I have no idea how else to put it) after the light show there stood titan-Eren. He let out a menacing shout.

The titan's lips grew into a smile and started laughing while clapping her hands as if she were a five-year-old who had just seen a magic trick.

"This irregular is just giving us surprise after surprise," Levi said with a hint of amusement in his voice.

Erwin, who had arrived on the scene a while back, stared at Levi incredulously,

"How could you be finding humor in this situation? A possible threat just tried to grab you."

" If she wanted to harm us, she would have done so already. I don't know whether you have realized that she is almost as big as the colossal titan, but she still has the same speed as any other titan," he said not taking his eyes away from the scene.

Eren started running towards her preparing to attack, but before he could do anything, the female titan took him into her arms and held him like an infant. (remember that she is almost 3 times his size) she rocked him back and forth as if trying to put him to sleep. Titan Eren seemed to be too shocked at what was happening to react.

The scouts couldn't contain their laughter anymore. They all burst out laughing. This titan really was something else. She looked down at titan Eren as if he was her precious little baby.

"Aaaawwww!" cooed a lot of the guys, making Eren's eyes narrow in irritation. That's when he started to fight back, he started clawing at the flesh of her arms. She looked at him and gave a disappointed sigh, then took him and placed him under one of her large thighs of her crossed legs. He struggled and pounded at the ground but no result. He was stuck. He was crushed he was just stuck. He then looked at the scouts for help, but they just continued laughing at his new position.

Mikasa readied her maneuver gear, to take off and go help Eren, but was soon stopped by her captain.

"Leave him be," Levi said putting an arm in front of her, stopping from moving any closer.

"But he i-" Mikasa tried,
"Is fine, he is in no danger. The idiot must stay there, as punishment for acting on impulse yet again. Save your gas, we might need it later."

"It is getting late, we should set up camp," Levi said removing his bag off his back.

"Levi, are you sure? Night time is the optimal time to ride back." Erwin said looking at Levi, who was yet to take his eyes off the titan.

"We can't leave without Hanji, she is one of the strongest minds we have" Levi replied. That's when Erwin looked closely at the titan and noticed that Hanji was hanging on the titan's hair, swinging on it, shouting, still trying to get her new obsession's attention.

"Very well," he said also starting to unpack his bag. All the scouts started to settle down and up camp. Discussing shifts. Levi sat on a mat drinking some tea, that Armin made on a fire, while Erwin walked around making sure everything was running smoothly. The female titan was now staring at the sky. Levi looked at the titan, watching her breathe.

"What are you thinking about, monster?." Levi said more to himself than to anyone else. The female titan looked straight at him. They sat there staring at each other for a good minute. Then she reached for the back of Titan Eren's neck and pulled Eren out, gently placing a sleeping Eren on the ground in front of Levi.

Levi looked at Eren, then looked back at the titan. She slowly moved closer to where Levi set up his tent and laid on her back next to it. She slowly closed her eyes as the sun started to set, preparing to be unable to move for the rest of the night. She glanced at where Levi was sitting. She then turned her body towards him and slowly moved into a fetal position.

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