Chapter 18

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*Flashback continues*

"L-Le-v-vi?" it struggled out.

Everyone froze, in shock.

Armin's mouth hung open in surprise, that's a word that they definitely didn't cover in his lessons.

Jean was the first to get over it and pulled her off from his shoulder and held her infront him, under her arms, like a child.  His face held a look of pure irritation,

"It's pronounced 'Jean'! How many times do I gotta tell you this?!" This cause every one to break out into a chuckle.

"Of course, your name would be the first words she would utter" Hanji whispered to Levi teasingly, to which he rolled his eyes, but she could see that he liked the fact that his name was the first to come from her lips.

"Get out," Levi said all of a sudden,

"But, s-sir, her lessons-" Armin tried,

"-are cancelled" Levi interjected sternly, Hanji took a close look at Levi, struggling to hold in a giggle.

Armin went on to argue when Hanji looped her arm into his and half dragged him out of Levi's office, Jean gave a huff, as he set Gaia back in her seat next to Levi and mumbling something about how easy it is to say his name. He looked more than irked as he walked out of the office.

Levi, looked over at Gaia, who had been looking at him with a slight smile on her face,

"Anything else you would like to say?" He asked with an eyebrow raised as he tried to mask his smirk, he was having a hard time hiding how impressed he was that she said his name. Her smile grew and she shook her head,

"Are you sure about that?" He asked as he picked her up and put her in her wheelchair that had been close to the door, grabbed a backpack, then he put her in there and wheeled her out of the door. She just giggled in response. He wheeled her down the corridor in comfortable silence. As per usual, the people in the corridor hushed their conversation, walked the other direction or simply stopped and stared, more at Gaia than anything else. It irked him to no end, but chose to ignore it today. They then took a turn into cafeteria, once again ignoring the change in atmosphere, where Levi filled the bag with random foods. He then promptly wheeled her out of the caferteria.

He promptly out of the building, onto the dusty pathway and lead her towards the stables. They passed many soldiers as they passed one of the training fields on their way, once again they got stares and they seemed to put more effort in their training trying to showoff their skills to Levi. However, he barely noticed this as his soul goal was to get the stables. He spotted Erwin and Hanji on the otherside of the field, he quickend his pace trying to not give them a chance to see him. He noticed that Gaia held tighter to the arm rests and made a soft squeaking sound.

"Sorry monster, I just need to get away from here as fast as possible." He expained, she just nodded in response.

The stablesman noticed Levi approaching, he immediately readied a horse for them. By the time they got to the stables a horse was ready for them, Levi nodded his thanks and put Gaia on the horse, before getting on behind her.

"And where are you two going?" a voice interrupted them, Levi looked over his shoulder, to see the very same people he was trying to avoid,

''Out" he replied,

"For how long?"Erwin asked,

"Oh, leave them be" Hanji sighed blushing as her mind wondered,

"Not long" Levi replied, both ignoring Hanji,

"Very well"Erwin replied, stepping aside for the horse to trot passed him. Levi continued on with saying a word.

After a while, he looked down to see Gaia, smiling at everything that caught her eye, after all this had been the first time that she was out of her usual surroundings. He found it difficult to stop himself from mirroring her happiness. He only then realized how close their bodies were as they rode the horse, every trot making her back bump against Levi's chest. He could not help but blush at the motion.

Wall Rose came into sight, that was when he took a left and allowed the horse to run parrallel to the wall. After running for a while they came to a farmland, which had been not that common to see within wall Maria as they hand only fixed the wall recently.

The horse ran on the outskirts of the farmlands, farmers tending to their crops waved at Levi who nodded back. The titan-girl leaned back against his chest and sighed in content, he found himself struggling to conceal the bright red pigment that now littered itself across his face. He was so grateful that Hanji was not there to see it.

They approached a small forest at the edge of the farmland. It ran up the side of a hill and appeared to end just before the top of the hill. Levi wasted no time and urged the horse to sprint through the forest. Not long after they came to a decent sized house where Levi got off the horse, backpack still firm on his back and tide it to a post not far from the house, making sure that it had food and water. He then turned to the Gaia to take her off the horse. He wrapped his arms of her waist and lowered her off the horse. Gaia gave him a questioning look while eyeing the house.

"It's mine, but don't tell anyone, the last thing I need is scouts crawling around here too." He explained and she seemed to accept the answer, he carried her bridal style away from the house and up towards the top of the hill. There had been a single tree with a large amount of shade, from under the tree they had a clear veiw of the farmlands. Her eyes sparkled as she took in the view.

"Can you stand for me, please?" Levi asked, she nodded as it was a newly aquired skill that she that she really enjoyed, gaining her own mobilty back seemed to be the best thing she could think of. She stood shakily leaning against the tree. Levi then took the bag off his back and took a blanket out, placing it on the ground in the shade of the tree. He then gently guided her to sit and he took a seat right next to her. He looked out at the view for a little bit then looked at her, her eyes where already on him, reminding him of her first few days within the wall.

"You know that unlike the others, I know for a fact that my name is not the first thing you have said. I clearly remember it being "calm"." Levi told her,

"Is there a specific reason why you refuse to talk?"he then asked, to which she responded by shaking her head,

" Then why?"he asked, pulling out grapes from his backpack, he quckly learnt that it was her favourite food, because each time it was around her, it always envoked the same reaction, which was for her to stare at it hungrily,

"Answer me,"He commanded

"H-Hard"she explained.

"I see, " he handed he a grape which she ate immediatly and looked towards him for another one,

"First, say my name again" he said, she gave him a slightly rebelious groan, realizing that he was serious,

"L-Levi" He gave her a grape,

"Good, again"

"Levi" He then handed her the rest of the grapes.

He was so proud that she could say his name, little did he know that he had given her a lot new power over him just because of that one word.

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