Chapter 31

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Episode 33- The Hunters, Episode 34- Opening, Episode 35- Children, Episode 35- charge

Gaia stared darkly at Pastor Nick as she sat in the wagon opposite him. Levi, who was next to her was yet to notice as he berated the group's officers around them. The pair was clearly in a foul mood. Levi, because he had to babysit a group of people who were completely useless whenever a titan was around, and Gaia, because for reasons that are unclear to her, this man had made Hanji very upset, which -of course- in turn, made Gaia wish that she had the strength to pick him up and throw him outside of Wall Maria. Not to mention, the feeling she had earlier started aching, which annoyed her to no end, she was a twitching mess. 

Her malice-filled train of thought was brought to an abrupt halt when an apple was hung directly in her line of vision, 

"It isn't much, but it's all I could get my hands on given our circumstances," Jean said, trying to sound light-hearted, but his eyes looked troubled. She wanted to ask him about it, but he shook his head as she opened her mouth, he was not ready to talk about it. The news about Reiner, Betholdt, and Ymir, spread like wildfire within the walls, 

"Hanji would kill me if I let you miss a meal while she is out there, " he said, trying to smirk, but it came across more as a grimace, 

"So, eat up, Shorty. So that you can grow big and strong," a bit of amusement danced in his eyes momentarily before dissipating once again,

"I am the biggest and the strongest, Numbskull," she said, trying to get to their usual banter, but Jean was distraught, clearly,

"That you are," because he agreed with her and nodded his greeting so that he could make his way back to the rest of the remainder of his cohort who looked just as upset as he was, 

"Poor Jean," she said as she took a bit from the red apple, at least she got her favourite colour, 

"Not everyone has instincts like yours, they need time to accept what they have heard," Levi explains, draping an arm on the back of the wagon where she sat, they were not exactly touching, but they were close. She had to stop herself from rolling her eyes in amusement, knowing full well that Levi was doing that because she was trying to make Jean feel better. If anyone doubted that she belonged to him at this point, it was by choice, because they both made it very obvious, 

"...instincts...biggest.." she heard Pastor Nick mumbling and then gasped,

"You are the second female titan!!" he exclaimed pointing the finger at her accusingly, 

"Well, aren't you a bright one," she said sarcastically, leaning forward, resting her one elbow on her knee she took another bite from her apple threateningly, her eyes never leaving his. He gulped, confirming that he caught her silent threat. 

Levi watched the interaction with great interest, he always would catch himself reflecting on how much she had learned. She even learned how to threaten people, he felt pride as he saw a bead of sweat on Nick's neck. 

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