Chapter 26

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Episode 26- Beast Titan (continuation) 

Levi entered Erwin's office, not bothering to knock, 

"Ugh, those damn titans never give us a break," he said closing the door behind him. Erwin's back was turned towards him and a scout was standing to the side holding up a couple of pages, he must have been busy getting debriefed about this whole situation

"Can you go?" Erwin asked, looking over his shoulder, Erwin was asking if he could physically go, but Levi knew that he was also asking if he was willing to go and if he going to be difficult about having to take Gaia with him,

"Not like there is much choice" he replied, 

"It was wise to have commander Miche watch the 104th. I believe he can handle the situation" the scout intervened, 

"Yes," Erwin said, turning back around, not sounding as convinced as the scout, 

Let's hope so, Gaia is yet to be fully prepared for battle and we haven't had her transform again since she entered the wall. 

Taking her with or leaving here would both be exposing humanities strongest soldier's one and only weakness. Seeing that Erwin looked like he was done talking Levi turn to leave, 

"We leave at dawn," Erwin said as he closed the door behind him, Levi did not bother to reply. He thought that their encounter would end like that anyways. Erwin has two well known (to Levi at least) characteristics about him, he is a strategist and that he has little-to-no hope in most people's capabilities, much like Levi.

Levi walked down the corridors to his room, not particularly excited as to how the next 24 hours are going to pan out. Levi has seen too many days like this, lost so much to days like this. He could not help but feel something that he has not felt in a long time...worry. Not for himself, he did not fear death, he was more worried about Gaia. He never thought that his fondness of her would reach this level. 

He came to his bedroom door and opened it, his form came in contact with the same emerald gaze that he was so fond of. Gaia sat on the bed in one of his shirts, she must have been getting ready for bed during his short meeting with Erwin. Levi did his best to keep his mind out of the gutter as he closed the door behind him and entered the room. 

"Levi?" Gaia asked as she noticed the look on his face, he was frowning a little more than usual and it was not particularly at someone or his paperwork, 

"What's wrong?" she asked, day-by-day, she was slowly starting to realize how useful her evergrowing vocabulary was becoming. 

"We have to leave," Levi replied sitting down next to her on their bed, 

"Are we going to the house?" she asked, referring to Levi's farmhouse which they, by now, had visited a few times to get away from everything...and for Levi to remove any dust that had been collecting. They have never spent the night there though, simply because the whole regiment would probably search for them as well as the fact that Levi knew the kind of gossip that would spread if they both chose to not return for the night or even worse, if they were spotted alone in a house. 

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