chapter 8

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Levi jolted awake, looking around him alerted. He realized that he was back in his room. Bandages had been wrapped around his body in multiple places, hindering his movement a bit as he moved around, taking in his surroundings. He noticed a glass of water near his bedside and made a movement to get it when he remembered what had happened a few moments before she passed out.

He immediately bolted out of his room, not phased by his aching body that was begging him to get back into bed. Not even bothered by the fact that he was merely in a pair of shorts. He needed to find her and make sure that she hadn't been in too much trouble. To make sure she was okay.  To protect her on his turf, the same way that she protected him on hers. To make sure -something that he tried his very best not to think about- that she was alive.

He painfully made his way to his office, knowing Erwin would be there.

He received looks from all his fleet members and lower-ranking scouts that he passed. They had never seen him like this before, so disheveled, so raw, so... human.

He finally made it to his office and burst through the door where Erwin stood, leaning against the desk and talking to Hanji, who was riding his chair.

"You are awake," Erwin said, standing up straighter, Hanji had a slightly mischievous glow surrounding her joyous being. Erwin on the other hand looked a little pale, shocked- mortified even.

"Where is she?" Levi asked gruffly.

Erwin visibly stiffened and Hanji let out a giggle. Simply by Hanji's reaction, Levi knew his titan was alive. Hanji would have been bawling if something had happened to her, the same way she reacted months ago with Bean -was it?- and whatever the second one was called. With this new information, Levi allowed himself to relax and limp into his office.

"Where is she?" He asked his comrades, who were yet to answer him. Upon hearing his question Hanji started giggling louder. He made his way to one of the cupboards in his office that held a spare set of uniforms and began to dress himself.

"The guards have commandeered her and are holding her prisoner until she can be trialed, given that she was a help instead of a danger, the scouts that were on the mission with us have all vouched on her behalf and Pegasus, especially, took interest when we had told him that you would vouch for her too," Erwin reported half rambling. Levi had made a sound of affirmation as he finished dressing.

"Okay, which courtyard is she in?" Levi asked making his way to the door, a clear indication that he intended on seeing her right now. Erwin however sputtered and seemed to struggle to answer. He then turned his expectant gaze to Hanji, who had been watching the entire scene with a grin on her face. She soon realized that she was expected to answer and sat up straight.

"She is in a cell"

What, h-how, she couldn't be...

"Eren's cell"


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