Chapter 1

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The sound of hooves hitting the ground and horses breathing were the only things that could be heard as the survey corps, as they ran on the outskirts of Wall Maria. Dust littered the air as their hooves hit the dry ground. They ran between a very vacant area, with a tree or shrub here and there, perfect for spotting any nearby titans. Naturally, Levi was in front of the group, with Eren closely behind (yaoi fangirls please contain yourself i meant on their individual horses, sorry for the disappointment.) Next to him was Mikasa who seemed to be very focused on the surrounding area, behind them was Armin and Jean. Jean was placed next to Armin because he and Eren would still get into fights, for no particular reason, even after knowing the fact that Eren was capable of becoming a Titan, it did not stop the insults from flowing from his mouth. At the very back of the pack was Hanji, mumbling something about titans, while smiling like a crazy person.

"Doesn't it seem a bit too quiet, corporal ?" Mikasa asked looking around, her hair whipping from left to right from the wind. It had grown a little since the time she cut it.

"Yes." was the only thing that Levi said, also looking around,

"There a-aren't any birds or animals in this area," noted Armin as he looked at the vacant land and trees. That statement made everyone uneasy.

"That's exactly why we chose this area to scout in today! It's odd that not even titans are anywhere near this area!" Hanji shouted at the back, still smiling like a crazy person,

"Why are you so happy? I thought you would be a little bummed out that there aren't any titans," Jean asked quizzically looking at her,

"I am, but I am more excited to see what is making the titans stay away from this area. Are they perhaps scared? If so, what could possibly be scaring them? What creature could be scaring them?" Hanji replied with an excited shrill in her voice, while everyone else tensed. Those questions sent chills down their spines, a question that some of them didn't want to find out.

What creature could possibly scare the titans?

Just then they saw the answer to their question. A titan, far bigger than Eren just a little shorter than the Colossal titan. With the same skin-like outer layer as Eren. It seemed to be a female titan, as it had rather sizeable breasts, hips, and long black hair that reached the middle of her back.

As if the fact that she was there didn't surprise them enough, she was also doing something that titans don't usually do.

She was lying on her back, her arms crossed behind her head as a pillow, her one leg resting over the other, staring up towards the sky.

Their horses immediately stopped and looked at the sight. Almost immediately they started running in the opposite direction, the sudden movement knocked everyone off of the horses.

They were left there, stranded.

"HERE I COME, BABY!" shouted Hanji, running in the direction of the titan.

"Hey, get back here are gonna get yourself killed!" shouted Jean. As Eren held his hand to his mouth, ready to go titan.

"Don't be stupid, she will kill you in a second. If you haven't noticed, she isn't Annie. She is 3 times your size " said Levi.

Just then the titan turned its head and looked directly at the group.

Okay, so that is it for the first chapter😄😄😄 I know it was short but it is the one that I'm using to 'tickle your fancy'.

I got the idea for this story while feeding my pigeons😅😅😅, I think that will show through in the next few chapters.

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