Chapter 4

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"How are we supposed to get her to move in the direction towards the walls?" Erwin asked rubbing his chin as if he could get the answer from it.

"We could always just ask her," said Hanji who had only recently gotten off her large new best friend.

"As if she could understand, she is just a titan," said Eren,

"I am sure she is able to understand, she seems to know what it means to be a mother" Jean, who has covered dirt, commented.

"I agree, she is abnormal, and doesn't seem to want to harm us," Armin said, who had been carefully analyzing the whole situation from the start.

"That doesn't change the fact that she is a titan," Mikasa said, she had very mixed feelings about this titan. It is very apparent that this abnormal titan is an asset, but a titan by any other name is still a titan. Eren, was obviously an exception because he was...half? He was part human. That's all that mattered. Unless...

Everyone was lost in their thoughts, while they were packing up camp. Trying to think of ways to get the titan to follow them so that the other titans will keep a safe distance away from them.

"Hey, Armin?" Mikasa approached Armin who was talking to Hanji.

"Yes Mikasa?" he replied.

"Do you think that there is someone inside that female titan?" she asked. His and Hanji's eyes widened.

"It could be possible, it will explain her very human behavioural patterns," Armin said, the gears in his head were visibly starting to move.

"The thought crossed my mind, " Hanji said, looking down at the dirt.

"Then why didn't you say anything?" Armin asked, it made no sense for her to not share her knowledge with anyone. He was quite ashamed that the thought hadn't crossed his mind sooner.

"...because I don't want to try to find out," Hanji said, Armin immediately caught on to what Hanji was trying to say. Mikasa on the other hand did not.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Mikasa, how do we usually get Eren out of titan form, when he doesn't emerge by himself?" Armin asked,

"We cut him out by the nape," Mikasa said.

"Exactly, which is also the place that we attack titans to kill them," Armin said with a serious face.

All the pieces start falling into place in Mikasa's head.

"The only way to find out is to cut her at the nape and if it turns out that she is only a titan, she will die."


Everyone was packed up. They all were staring at the female titan as Hanji tried talking to it. Trying to make her walk in the direction that they should be walking.

Jean tried kicking and yelling at her, again making everyone question his morals. Again that was fruitless. She just stared at them with a blank look on her face.

It had been hours and they hadn't moved an inch, people started getting irritated. They started getting into fights and arguments.

Levi sat there, getting very irritated.

"Dumb monster, why won't you just listen?" he murmured in frustration.

Immediately the titans eyes met with Levi's, and a spark of interest showed in her eyes. She got up on her hands and knees and knelt closer to Levi.

Levi watched in shock.

"Did you just hear me?" disbelief eminent in his voice. Everyone else was in shock as well.

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