Chapter 32

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Episode 33- The Hunters, Episode 34- Opening, Episode 35- Children, Episode 35- charge, Episode 36- Scream

Gaia turned in her seat and looked at Levi who was still finding a lot of interest in the window.

"Levi?" she called him almost hesitantly, he must have heard it because his eyes made their way to her,

"Yes?" he asked after she had not continued after calling him, she was lost in thought and looked almost uncertain if she wanted to talk about whatever was plaguing her, he walked slowly to her, and placed a hand on her cheek,

"Gaia, what's wrong?" he asked,

"Why do...Um...Why are you attracted to me?" she asked, he looked at her and quirked his brow,

"Huh," he asked, almost deadpanning at her question,

" I mean, I have no memories, but I do have intuitions, gut feelings that I think the ghost of who I was feels. It's... just... I am... incomplete" she said looking down, Levi's head tilted, she looked almost ashamed,

"Well, I can't deny that a big part of my attraction to you is physical," he said, half-jokingly, she shot him a warning glare, which made him chuckle,

"Another reason is because of how this feels to me. I can't tell if it's right or wrong, but it feels very right," as if to emphasize what he said, he removed her from the chair, sat down, and put her on his lap, he felt her twitch as he pulled her close and knew it had little to do with him and everything to do with battle happening far away from them,

"Trust is something I usually only reserve for the battlefield amongst my team," he continued as he stroked her hair,

"Growing up the way I did, instinctually I can't afford to just trust people," he paused,

"My instincts are acting against anything my mind and experience have tried to fight," he says and pulls her closer,

"My instincts are telling me that I want to be with you, for as long as I can," he says, kissing her temple, making her blush at his intensity and sweetness,

"What happens when my memories come back, what if things won't be the same, what if they can't be the same?" She asks, tears forming in her eyes,

"What if they don't, Gaia?" he asked, almost cooing at her,

"Somehow, I feel like that is highly unlikely," she said, as she latched onto his shirt,

"Highly unlikely," he thought to himself, Armin has really outdone himself,

"I...I want you to promise me something," she said, her face darkened, Levi frowned, he tried his best to comfort her, this was not the first time she brought up that things might change between them once her memories get back, if they even do, but her train of thought seemed almost unavoidable,

"I want you to kill me," she said in almost a whisper, she felt his entire body go rigid,

"W-What did you just say?" he asked his face darkened as well, his eyes looked almost wild as they gazed at her almost accusing her of having lost her sanity,

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