Chapter 23

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This very morning, Levi decided to sleep in because he chose to catch up on all of his overdue paperwork the night before. He woke to a very odd feeling. He felt cold, which was something that didn't occur very often now that he had Gaia. He turned over to hold her closer, so that the cold would disappear, but his arm cut through thin air and landed on the cold sheets next to him. His eyes shot open and his body nearly shot up when he noticed that he could see Gaia in his peripheral vision, she was standing over by his dresser...standing. Since when was she able to do that?  He watched her from the corner of his eyes, trying to not let her know that he was awake. 

She stood there in one of his shirts, something that she seemed to like to sleep in, much to his discomfort, because it meant much more cold showers for him. Her long ebony hair flowed down her back messily, looked at it mesmerized for a moment, before going back to his original task which was to once again figure out what she was up to. She seemed to be looking at herself in the mirror, 

"So small," she said to no one in particular, this made Levi arch an eyebrow, what on earth was she talking about? He moved his head a little in order to see what she was talking about, but all she could see was her back, but he could see she was looking down by the way her head was tilted downwards. She was looking at her... chest? This caused a familiar heat to get onto Levi's face. He had no idea that she was that self-conscious. He was not sure if she realised that she was rather well set for a woman with such a small frame. He wondered if he was supposed to say something, but before he could, she turned around.  He pretended to be asleep once more, watching her through his squinted eyelids. It would seem that she had been looking at her hands because there were extended out in front of her. Her eyes quickly went to him to check if he was still asleep then went back to inspecting her hands. This caused him to smirk, so that means she knew she was hiding the fact that she could walk from him.

 She turned back to the mirror and touched her face and seemed to be inspecting it as well. It then just occurred to him that this could be the first time that she has ever seen her appearance in human form, because he had never held her in front of his dresser for long and according to Hanji, she does everything when it comes to bathtime, so she would not have a reason to look into a mirror. He could see her playing with her bangs from where he was laying. He couldn't help but find her fascination with her reflection adorable. He tried to hold in a sigh when realised his awfully uncharacteristic train of thought, but he could not seem to help it. She was looking down again, 

"Small... f-feet?" she said, as if struggling to remember the correct word. That when he realized something, she was slowly bending over to get a better look at her feet... He immediately closed his eyes, for both his and her sake, he could not look at her bent over like this. She had to stop. 

He sat up and leaned his back against his pillow, keeping his eyes closed, making sure to move quietly to not let her know that he was awake,

"Well, anything compared to your titan form would be small," He commented huskily with a chuckle, this caused her to make a surprised squeak and she jumped up and spun around to look at him,

"L-Levi?" She asked, he opened his eyes and saw her standing at the foot of the bed, clearly ashamed that she was caught, 

"Monster, when were you going to tell me that you are able to walk?" He asked, raising an eyebrow of accusingly and crossing his arms,

"I-I-I walk?" she said, averting her gaze with a small smile while scratching the back of her head, this caused him to raise his eyebrow, when did she develop this sheepish side of her personality. He stood up and stalked towards her, she looked anywhere but him,

"You are lucky that I am very fond of you," he whispered, once he was directly in front of her, 

"but for future reference, I do not like dishonesty," he said as he picked her up and carried her bridal style back to bed, 

"D-Dishonensty?" she asked as he plopped her on her side of the bed and slid back into bed,

"Dishonesty," he corrected her,

"That is when you do not say or say something different about a happening in a certain event or situation," he explained as he laid down next to her and pulled her closer, she laid next to him on her back staring at the ceiling seeming to be deep in thought, 

"Like us?" she asked after a while, he looked up at her and asked,

"What do you mean?"

"'Practice talking'" She replied looking at him accusingly, Levi had to stop himself from gasping at how she put two and two together, he soon chuckled right after, 

"Exactly like us," he replied looking into her eyes that remind him of the lush forests outside of the wall, she seemed to be confused at this, 

"Gaia, it is okay for us to tell other people whatever we like, but I do not like it if you lie to me, because I do not lie to you," He explained, feeling slightly uncomfortable at how personal their small conversations could get nowadays. He watched as she processed his words until the familiar sparkle of understanding danced in her eyes.  She looked at him and smiled,

"Oki doki Levi," She said. He looked at her once again, he could have sworn that he spent the most time with her, he did not understand how the little time she spent with the scouts could cause her to actually gain a personality, one that is not exactly like his. Perhaps he should sit in on one of her "classes" with the scouts. 

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