Chapter 20

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Levi sat in office trying to focus on the work in front of him, however, he seemed to be struggling. This was the first time in a week that they had finally convinced him that Gaia had to go to her lessons. It felt odd not having her around, it felt as if he was missing a limb. He had grown used to being under her protective, emerald gaze and being able to run his fingers through her soft hair whenever he felt like. He sighed as he once again tried to force himself to read.

------------------------With Gaia---------------------------------------------

"What do you mean you are taking her on a break? We have b-barely covered any content" Armin asked as Hanji was wheeling his student out,

"There are pressing matters to see to!" She shouted as she left the room, leaving a confused Armin.

Hanji wheeled Gaia down the corridor, while she took in her surroundings, she grew used to only seeing Levi's bedroom walls and office. She was curious as to see where they were going.

"Princess, do you know what it means for a person to be happy?" Hanji asked as she walked, pushing Gaia's wheelchair. Gaia looked up at her with curious eyes,

"H-Hap-pi" she repeated after her, this made Hanji gush with how cute it was, she could not bare to correct her.

"Being happy is one of the best feelings that anyone can feel" Hanji explained and watched as Gaia's eyes twinkled with recognition,

"Calmm?" she said, it sounded like a question, Hanji looked up and thought a bit,

"I guess it's like being calm, but better" Hanji tried, the titan-girl's eyes grew wide and twinkled as a smile made its way to her face, something that was better than being calm sounded amazing to her.

"See, that is happiness," Hanji commented, then watched as the girl's head snapped up and looked around, Hanji then realized that Gaia was looking for 'happiness',

"No no, you felt happiness, you smile when you are happy, smiling is this" Hanji explained as she pointed to herself as she smiled, Gaia stared at Hanji, Hanji watched as the cogs and gears turned in the Gaia's head until a look of recognition came to her face. Gaia always saw a lot of people do it and sometimes her face would do it without her permission when Levi was around...Levi...Gaia's eyes widened and tears started forming in her eyes, Hanji noticed this,

"No no no, what's wrong, angel?" Hanji asked looking at the titan-girl worriedly, knowing full well that Levi would kill her if Gaia got back to him with puffy eyes. She watched the girl hold up her fingers, she seemed to be counting, something that Armin has been trying to teach her for the past 3 hours,

"Levi...Levi" the girl held up four fingers,

"What is it?" Hanji asked not understanding what the girl was trying to say,

"Levi...happy...t-two" Gaia said and started bawling, Levi only fully smiled twice in front of her. She did not like the fact that he only felt happy two times.

"Shhshhh, there, there, that's exactly why I am here, we are going to fix that" Hanji said with a calculating smirk on her face, Gaia's sparkled at the thought of helping Levi be happy,

"Firstly," Hanji took Gaia's hand and put two digits down, "that's two" Gaia nodded and examined her hand,

"I know a way that you can make Levi happy" Hanji said, smiling down at the girl in the wheelchair,

"You want to make him happy, right?" Hanji asked,

"Me. Levi, happy!" she nodded, this caused Hanji to chuckle.

---------time skip to blow minds, proudly brought to you by Mikasa's luscious hair-------------

Levi entered his room in his pyjamas, which consisted of shorts and a tank top, his hair was still wet from the shower he took, but he did not care he wanted to get back to his room as soon as possible, to spend time with Gaia, Hanji only brought her back at sunset. When he tried to complain about Hanji teased him by asking if he would rather want to take up the task of bathing Gaia instead, in order to get her back sooner to which he blushed profusely.

Even now as he lit the candles in his room, he was struggling to get the blush off his face and to keep his mind clean..( minors are killing mmeeeeeeeeee... Why would you openly choose to let wattpad be aware that you are not old enough to read most of the books heerrreeee? Why can't I be heartless and just write what I need to wriiiiiittteeee?! I know, its because I have younger siblings and I would want someone to preserve the innocence of their minds as well...uuuggghhhh) He looked over his shoulder, to see Gaia's emerald eyes already on him as usual, it used to be so unnerving for him, but now...he couldn't help but feel very relaxed.

He walked over to the bed and climb on next her, she immediately moved closer to him. Levi looked at her and finally saw what she was wearing, Hanji dress the titan-girl in one of his casual day t-shirts, it fitted very loosely on her and he could..not...tell...if she was wearing shorts...oh no. A blush made its way to his face once again, Gaia noticed this and moved even closer, she examined his face and then his hair which was dripping. Her hand grabbed one of the dripping locks and moved it between her fingers. She could understand why Levi always had his hands in her hair, this felt very interesting. She looked back at his face which had gone even redder, this made her frown. She worriedly placed her hands on his cheeks, feeling how warm he was,

"" she asked, suddenly glad that she learnt the colour when Armin was teaching her,

"I'm fine, monster" Levi asked avoiding her gaze,

"Levi...happy?" She asked, this took Levi off guard,

"I suppose?" He answered, which made Gaia frown,

"" She commented and raised an eyebrow,

"I don't smile often" Levi explained,

"No happy" Gaia said as her frown deepened,

"Well," He reached up and put his hands over both of her hands that were still on his cheeks,

"People do not always smile when they are ha-" he tried to explain,

"me...m-mak...mack...muck...m-"She interrupted,

"make?" he offered, she nodded,

"me. make." she said after thinking hard,

"You are gonna make me smile?" Levi asked with a smirk and raised an eyebrow,

"Yes" she answered, looking determined, his hands moved from her and moved towards the hair on the sides of her waist, pulling it gently forward so that he could run his hands through the raven strands,

"And how are you planning to do th-" Levi was interrupted by a pair of soft lips on top of his...he looked up and saw Gaia's eyes - were for once not on him- they were closed as she held her lips to his...what the f-

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