Chapter 7

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Levi had once again dozed off and slept well the entire night. The warmth of the titan's hand seemed to lull the pain of his broken bones.

He woke up at dawn the next morning, and the same pair of eyes were trained on his every move, however, it was not the large pair of eyes that awoke him from his sleep. It was the murmur of a couple of voices nearby, they were a good distance from the titan's hand. It was impossible for him to see who they were because the titan's fingers were curled loosely around him, giving him privacy from the people around him.

"Do you think Hanji is right?" A male voice asked,
"Hmm, I don't know, titan's shouldn't be capable of feelings, how on earth could it have a "crush" on him?" A female voice replied,
"Then explain why it listens to his every command. Did you see the way she reacted when Levi fainted?!" The male voice whisper- shouted.

Upon hearing this, Levi looked up at the female titan and raised an eyebrow, she replied with an eye twitch.

"What do you think the corporal feels about it?" The male voice asked,
"Hard to say, it's not like he ordered us to kill her, so he sees her of some value," the female replied. Just then a new voice entered the hushed dawn-light gossip,
"Well, I think he has a crush on her too!" She said louder than the other two were talking, she was immediately hushed by the other two people in the conversation,
"Sssshhhh, Hanji-San, how long have you been here?"
"What do you mean?" The male and female asked simultaneously.

Levi's eye twitched at the news of his titan-loving comrade being present in that particular conversation. By now the sky's purple and pink appearance, turned into peach. Daylight was nearing.

"I heard the lovebirds conversing, in the earliest hour of the morning," an excited shrill could be heard in Hanji's voice as she unraveled the story thought to be a secret that only Levi and the titan knew.

"He was thanking her for saving him," Hanji's twisted grin could be felt in her voice, and before the pair could reply,

"Well, if you are done entertaining yourselves with my private affairs, I would like a report on our current situation." Levi loudly commanded. Loud gasps could heard from the two and a soft chuckle could be heard once he made his consciousness known. Shortly after he could hear two pairs of feet darting in opposite directions, while another pair strolled casually towards him.

"Good morning Leeeeeviiiiii~," Hanji said peeping over the divider that the titan created with her fingers. Levi just grunted in response. Erwin then peeked over the titan's fingers as well.

"There are only 7 other people with broken bones. 23 just have scratches and bruises. The rations are finished, however, there is still the food that the titan provided us with. There are titans a few meters away from the normal boundary circle that the female titan has. We should make haste to get back to the wall, if your bones heal anymore than they have, the doctors will be forced to reset them" he gave a full report, a shiver running down Levi's spine at hearing the word reset. Having already experienced the unpleasant feeling of having a bone or two being reset. The female titan felt Levi's discomfort and looked at the 3. Levi caught a glimpse of her eyes and saw the cogs of her brain turning.

"What are you thinking, monster?" He asked, she grunted in reply as he did to Hanji prior.

She then sprung into action and sat up, Levi still being in her hand. She reached the other side of camp and pulled the dying apple trees closer to her, she put the 3 trees in front of her and picked up Jean, who had been sleepily eating his breakfast on a mat a few meters away from them, by his collar

"Eeehhh? Hey hey hey, wait. PUT ME DOWN, YOU WENCH!" He shouted, she then put him in the tree and tossed his bag at him. He sat on a branch confused.

She then looked at Levi to see if he understood, he didn't he was taken aback just as much as everyone else was. She let out a sigh in frustration and picked up Mikasa, who had been standing close by watching and put her in the tree as well and then tossed her bag at her.

"Ohhh I see," Jean said, leaning back on his branch,

"Someone is playing matchmaker! How does that song go again... sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G, I like the way you think," Jean told the titan with a smirk, while Mikasa sat on a branch with a blank expression.

"This is not the time to play with my subordinates as if they were dolls, monster," Levi said, frustration clear in his voice, this aggravated the titan even more.

She took 3 other people and put them in the tree with their belongings and then looked at Levi, who still didn't understand. She then lifted up the tree with all of them in it. It then clicked Levi's mind.

"...She wants to carry us the trees... She actually thought up a solution...What are you, monster"

"Everyone get into a tree!"  He commanded. They all looked like he had lost his mind but did as he said.

"Those of whom have broken bones and cannot get into a tree make yourselves known. " no one said anything, all their bones that were broken were fingers and noses.

"Hanji come here!" Hanji was there immediately.
"She wants to carry us all," explained and the female titan's lips twitched upward upon hearing that he understood,
"I need you to navigate her. " He said.
"Aye aye captain," Hanji said with a salute.
"Monster," Levi called and made eye contact with the titan,
"Listen to Hanji, she will tell you where to go, " commanded and the titan's head dipped in understanding.

Once everyone was in the large trees, she picked them all up and Levi remained in her hand, sheltered by her fingers. She ran in the direction that Hanji pointed at top speed.

A trip that could easily taken them 3 days or a day on a horse, took her a bit less than an hour. The wall soon came into sight.

~at the wall~

"Pegasus there is a large abnormal running towards the wall with what looks to be trees in its hand." A soldier reported to their commander.

"Everyone battle stations! Bring it down before it hits the wall!" Soldiers scattered on Wall Rose, getting out the cannons.

"Cannons ready! Aim! Fire!"

~with the titan~

"Are they firing at us!?" someone shouted.

"Someone get up there and explain the situation! " Levi commanded, his fists clenched.

"Impossible sir. We are too far away to get there with our maneuver gear!" They replied.

The titan continued getting closer to the wall successfully dodging the cannonballs with ease. Levi yelled in anger, hating the feeling of being helpless. This caught the titan's attention and briefly distracted her. Just then a rain cannonballs hit her leg. She fell onto her knees, almost dropping them. Tears running down her face. She turned around, the cannonballs hitting her back, she was using herself as a shield to protect them from the continuous attacks from the cannons. She put them on the ground and looked at Levi. They all shouted in protest.

Levi could read the emotion in her eyes...This is goodbye.

She gently put him on the ground as she could,

"No!" Levi commanded, but she ignored him.

"Monster, no. Don't. " He said loudly

"No, monster, please. " He whispered, but she had already given up, they maintained eye contact, her body leaning over them.

Then her eyes glazed over. Screams were heard from his subordinates, Eren seemed to have snapped out of it, because he transformed.

But it had been too late, because as the flash of lightning of Eren's transformation appeared, Levi caught the gaze of a confused Pegasus.

As Pegasus's bloodied blades sliced open the nape of his titan's neck.


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