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Hello, my beautiful readers. I hope you are all well and all at home. 

We have come at a true crossroads in our story, in which I am going to give you all a choice on where this story will go. 

1. I continue with my one-shotty kind of writing style and slowly form a storyline of my own (Bear in mind, I have not watched AOT season 3, so that means it could get far fetched,)

2. I start watching season 3 three and find a way to incorporate Gaia, into the actual storyline, (Because of this quarantine, this option means possible faster updates)

3. I go with the storyline of the actual show, but create a one-shot book, for all the cute scenes to be in (this option takes a lot of effort because you essentially be getting both, so I am only going to do this one if more than 15 of you guys want it. Additionally, updates will be slower for both)

Lastly, I have decided to make this a mature story, because I can't help that I am a freak... so young ones you have been warned...

I will be updating most of the chapters, do not worry I am just fixing grammar and stuff.

Thank you for all the support, hope to hear from you guys soon, 



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