Chapter 21

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Levi was in the middle of having an internal battle. Her lips felt so soft and so welcoming, yet he knew this was wrong...

so nice. 

He doubted Gaia understood what she was doing...

so soft.

 Given the topic, she spoke of before they started kissing, she clearly did not know what she was doing...

she tasted sweet.


Levi was pulled out his own thoughts by the fact that he knew how she tasted and realized that he was kissing back. Huh!

Levi pulled away from Gaia, his face was still red and his eyes looked like he was struggling to focus, almost the way they looked when he passed out in her hand after the other titan attacked him. She immediately grew worried,

"Levi?" she asked, her hands still on his cheeks, this seemed to bring him back to her. When he looked down at her, his eyes soften,

"Gaia, w-why did you do that?" he asked, reaching up and taking her hands and held them in his,  she looked and Levi's face and noticed that he was making the same face he would make just before he would give what she wanted whenever she repeated his name, she liked that face,

"Me make Levi happy,"  she explained innocently, 

"Why did you think that would make me happy?" He asked, already probably knowing the answer,

"H-Hanji-" she started to explain,

"I figured, curse that meddling twit," Levi replied with a scowl forming on his face,  this caused Gaia to frown, 

"Th-that... no make Levi happy?" she asked, looking disappointed. This took Levi off guard and he did not know what to say, but he felt like he needed her to know that her efforts were not entirely for nought.

"Gaia, listen to me carefully, okay?" He held her hands tighter and sat closer to her, she looked and him and saw how serious he was. She quickly nodded and paid close attention,

"Do not tell Hanji that you just did that," He said, 

"Th-that?" she asked slightly confused, 

"Y-yes, the thing y-you just did," He said, as he blushed and avoided her gaze. Gaia watched Levi and took in his current state. It was similar to how reacted when she first said his name all the time, she really liked that reaction, nice things always come after that reaction in particular.  This caused her to smile. With that realization, she pulled him by his shirt put her lips on his again.

Levi's mind struggled to keep it's train of thought. He had not recovered from the first one yet and there she was doing it again. His nerves worked overtime, electrocuting him while making themselves ultra-sensitive, absorbing every single detail from what was happening and burning it into his memory. Her soft sweet lips. The soft upper half of her body pressed to his chest. She smelt like jasmine, he had not realized that the scent came from her before, he was very familiar with it, as it seemed to always linger in the air. A soft ribbon of ebony grazed his cheek as she removed her palms from his face and let them travel down to his chest and rest there. He twitched as the electric wave caused a delicious shiver to run down his spine.

Levi's body seemed to work to its own accord, as his arms made their way around her waist and pulled her closer. She made of approval as he did so. This made the fire that was engulfing him more noticeable. His body seemed to welcome the aching flame that she ignited.

 What was she doing to him?

He had kissed many women before, but none of them invoked such a reaction from just a kiss... if she does this to him from just a kiss, then what will happen when she...-NO, nope, he was not going to allow his mind to go there while they were in this position, especially when his body is not giving his mind any control like this.

His body would not listen to anything his mind had to say. It was if he was a prisoner in his own mind, a prison with the best sentence any prisoner could possibly get. His hands started moving up and down on her back, she made a hum of approval again, which made his hands grip her hips hard. His mind could not help but wander to the dark place that it should not. 

This was enough for him to have enough self-control to move his face to the side, taking in a rushed breath that he was not aware he had been holding. His movement was so fast that Gaia's lips ended up grazing the area where his jaw connected to his neck. That's area was already a weak spot for him and now with his senses heightened, the contact caused another electric jolt to run through his body. It was a very dangerous kind of jolt that gave Levi what could be described as a "sober moment". He came to the realization that he had to find something to do with her mouth (that did not involve him) or else he was bound to make mistakes that could possibly hurt his and her relationship.

In that very moment, using the speed that he was known for, he leaned over to his bed side cabinet with Gaia still pressed up against his body and pulled out a bowl of grapes that he was planning to use later while teaching her how to speak with actual sentences. The moment Gaia saw the bowl, she sat up and made a sound that sounded almost like a soft squeal as she held out her hands for the bowl. The absence of her body from his allowed him think more clearly and his breathing pattern to become somewhat steady.

She looked at the bowl expectantly, her eyes sparkling, he chuckled at the site.

"Gaia, " He called, her eyes made their way to him,

" hm?"

" What we were doing, its c-called k-kissing," he explained,

"kissing?" she repeated after him,

"Yes, kissing. Hanji cannot know we were kissing." Levi said, holding the bowl up, making it clear that the only way she is getting the grapes is if she agreed, she looked confused.

"Gaia, I don't think I know of way to explain it in a way that you can understand it just yet, " he said and ran a hand through his hair frustrated,

"If Hanji asks if we kissed or did anything like that, you must tell her that I helped you practice talking, " he held up a grape to prove his point, she looked at the grape then at him,

"p-practice talking," she repeated,

"Yes, " Levi smiled and handed her the grape, which she ate almost immediately. He stood up from the bed with the bowl in his hand, she followed him to the edge of the bed and sat on her knees in front of him.

"Let's test you then," Levi stated smirking slightly and leaned closer to her, grabbing her chin and tilting her lips closer to his. He held up the bowl for her to see. And then kissed her gently. He pulled away before he could get carried away.

"Gaia, w-what did we just do?" He asked, pulling away and standing up straighter,

"We p-practiced talking?" she replied, looking slightly confused,

"Yes, that is precisely what we did," he replied with a smile and handed her the bowl that she gladly received and walked into his bathroom,

he was in need of a shower,

a very very cold shower.

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