Chapter 28

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Episode 29-Soldier 

They finally reached their destination and Gaia could not be happier to get off the wagon. Her neck and back were stiff and aching from the constant movement. It was the break of dawn and it was finally getting warmer, so she shrugged off the blanket as she got off the wagon with Levi's help. 

Once she was on the ground, she stretches and looked at Levi,

"What now?" She asked looking at him, 

"Now, we wait," Levi answered watching her pull her shirt right and fix her pants. She was once again wearing the scouts uniform with the shirt that hugged her frame too well for his liking, She ran her hands through her hair which caught the attention of a seemingly distracted Hanji who came up behind her and tied it up in a high ponytail. She did not really comment. Gaia understood that the soldier had a lot on her mind, throughout the night she could vaguely hear Armin and Hanji talking and strategizing, but that did not make it any less unnerving that Hanji did not even gush about her or beg to help her change or something. 

They walked into the building and it did not look much different from the base they were usually at. Gaia could not help but feel annoyed that it looked so alike, she was hoping for a change in scenery and it has been weeks since Levi last took her to his house in the farmlands. 

Episode 31- warrior 

As the day rolled on, Hanji seemed to get more intensely searching for things looking up documents that had to do with a woman named Annie. While Gaia was comfortably laying on a couple of stacked large crates close to where Levi was standing. The crates here so high that if she laid flat against it, she managed to remain at eye-level with everyone. Her hair hung off the edge of the crates, a stark contrast to the pale brown. Her hair looked like ink running down the sides of the crates. 

She looked to the ground from where she was, it was far, not as far as it would have been if she were in her titan form, but still far compared to how close she usually is to the ground. She stayed there staring pretending to maybe see a small tree there or pretend that the ants walking around were deer or horses. She tried to not think about the fact everything is so big now that she was so small and she tried to only remember the positives instead of negatives when it came to it. One that always helped her was the fact that she could fit on a bed now that she is small. Another would be that Levi can hold her. Levi and her could practice talking. Grapes...she doubted that she could even see grapes in her titan form, but the list gets so much less interesting as she goes down it. 

She looked over to Levi who was so engrossed in the conversation going on. She wished she could follow but she did not know who they were talking about and it barely had anything to with her at all. She looked at everyone in the room, there were people that she did not recognize and some familiar faces. Armin wore the same anxious face that he always carried, Eren was getting fired up about something again, their friend Mikasa...looked as bored as she felt, she looked at Hanji's serious face, but then she realized something...

"Levi," She said looking at him, he did not respond and she called him again,

"Levi," this seemed to get his attention, 

"Monster?" she asked not taking his eyes from the scene in front of him, 

"Where is Jean?" she asked, Levi frowned a bit, he seemed to be not pleased that she asked him that, 

"I don't keep track of all the scouts, especially the recruits," he answered, she struggled not to roll her eyes at his response. She has then left in her own thoughts again until she noticed most of them start leaving the room. She started getting up to follow but Levi stopped her, informing her that they were not going with that rescue. Gaia could not help but feel annoyed that they had to stay behind. He pulled up a chair at the table that everyone once surrounded before they left and read through the papers that Hanji left on the table.

He then informed her that the regiment had their suspicions of who their moles were and were on their way to go save them and some of the others. Levi had mentioned their names but she did not seem to remember them. She got off the crates and came to stand where he was, deep in thought. 

"Are they blond bulky man and the tall guy that is always with him?" she asked, 

"Yes," Levi replied and watched her reaction, 

"Hmmm," she responded frowning, 

"How did you connect them to these names that did not mean anything to you a few minutes ago?" Levi asked suspiciously. This made Gaia look at him and sigh, 

"I have already told you once before, I am on your side," she huffed, 

"The only reason that they came to mind is that the two of them make my skin crawl," she explained running her hands over her arms that managed to get goosebumps from the thought of them. Levi looked at her movements, not sure what to make of the entire situation.

"Maybe it's just your instincts telling you that they are traitors," said and sat back in his chair, 

"Maybe, but it is a rather intense feeling for just instincts," she whispered in replied and walked behind his chair and started massaging his shoulders. Levi tensed for a second and then relaxed into her hand's onslaught. He reflected on what she just said and did his best to fight away a proud smirk making its way to his lips, with each passing day Levi found it more and more hard to remind himself that just a few months ago this girl joined humanity.

"How come we could not go with?" she asked, 

"Can you fight?" he asked,


"Can you use ODM gear?" he asked,

"No," she replied, 

"Then why on earth would you need to be on a battlefield?" he asked,

"Because you will be needed, I know how big of a role you play in the regiment, Levi," she replied, 

"That is true, but I believe they can handle themselves, besides I would not necessarily be serving such a large role on a battlefield if you are there," he commented, 

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it happens to be something that Hanji and Erwin have realized and choose to overlook. It is also something that the scouts and recruits have realized but would not dare to say to my face.." He paused in his explanation,  looking  back at her awaiting gaze, 

"While you are unable to protect yourself, you are my walking weakness, my only weakness,"

They looked at each other for a moment, then Gaia let her hand fall down his abdomen as leaned closer putting her head on top of his. They stayed in their backward silent embrace for a bit until she decided to murmur, 

"I can't help but feel that we are going to missing out a lot this time,"

"Hn," he agreed with her and leaned back further into her embrace, 

"I don't suppose we can find a bedroom while we wait?" She asked innocently, hiding her smirk with a playful glint in her eyes. Only to start giggling when she noticed a familiar tinge of red grace his face. 

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