Chapter 11

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"When they said that she is in my care, I didn't think they meant it so literally" Levi said in frustration, looking at the female titan's human form on his bed with an eager Hanji, running a brush through her long onyx hair.
"Well, what did you think they meant? The scouts can barely get their own rooms now a days, did you honestly think they would give her one" Erwin said. Levi grunted in response and pulled out a chair, his gaze met with the titan girl's forest green eyes, her gaze was just as intense as it was outside of the walls. Levi did not know what to make of it, her gaze did not falter away from his like everyone else's. Not even Erwin's gaze dared to directly connect with his.

Levi was broken from his thoughts when Erwin cleared his throat. It seemed like they wanted Levi's attention. Hanji finished tying the titan's hair behind her head, and was giggling, for obvious reasons.

"We will be off, we only came to report that few updates" Erwin said as turned and left. A reluctant Hanji followed closely behind. Levi's attention went back to the titan/girl. With her hair tied to the back he could see the full shape of her round face, her features were so gentle and looked almost childlike. Her gaze seemed so innocent, had he not witnessed her being cut out of a titan, he would never have even considered her to be one. Her lips were plump and her porcelain skin was flawless, not a single scar could be seen from her exposed, neck skin and legs. Her body's shape was... feminine...Levi felt heat across his cheeks as he caught himself examining her in places where the men he looked so down upon, looked at women. He tore his gaze from her.

He walked to a cupboard and pulled an extra blanket and a pillow, he then set it in a corner and made a little bed with it. Luckily his room had no windows this would mean that no one would see him embarrassingly making a bed for her. When he finally had finished Levi pointed to the cot,

"You sleep there" He told her, she just looked at him,

"Dont pretend to be dumb, I know you understand me, monster," he said, getting a little irked. Her gaze moved from him to the cot.

"Now," he said in low tone, she twitched a little, then flung herself off the bed, landing side first on the floor, Levi stood in shock, not really expecting what he had just witnessed, she stayed on the floor wiggling towards the cot, eyes trained on it. Then it finally clicked, the guards dragged her into the court room... There had always been a guard near her...She only stood when he came to the cell...

"You can't walk" Levi said under his breath, this caught the female titan's attention and she arched her neck to look up at him. He swiftly bent down and hooked his arms under her, as he readied himself to pick her up and move her himself, she started moving and wiggling in protest, soft grunts could be heard her. He looked at her and saw that her gaze was trained on something, but her eyebrows were knit, as if in worry. He followed her gaze and realized why she wanted to be out of his grasp, it was on his arm that was in a sling.

"You worried that I'm going to hurt myself, monster?" She looked at him, and replied the only way she knew, with a slight nod.

"Dont be." he then picked her up and placed her on the cot before she could react, she sat there wide eyed, almost in shock and stared at his arm as if it would rip into a million pieces. Levi just shook his head and removed his jacket, shirt and boots. He got into bed and looked over at her, her gaze where it usually was, on him. He felt a bit self conscious and pulled the sheet over his now bare chest.  He slowly fell asleep, not minding the pair of eyes that never left him, after all he had slept with them on him before.

"Levi!" Levi sits up in his bed, his room was dark the candles must have burned out. He slowly gets up.

Help!" The voice was just outside of his bedroom. He walks to his door to find Eld Jinn holding an unconscious Petra, covered in blood, he looked completely mortified. Just then a large titan hand reached out from behind Eld and grabbed him. It dragged him down the hallway. Levi stood shock and tried to run after him, but he couldn't catch up, he was too slow.

The titan woke up to the sound of Levi's distressed grunts and movements in his bed. She sat up, the room was dark and it took her eyes a moment to adjust. She then saw the distraught look on Levi's face, his eyes were closed but he frowned and grinded his teeth together. She has never seen him portray such emotion in all the time she had watched him. He grunted as his frown deepened, his eyes remained clenched shut as his breath started to quicken. His distress shook her to her core. She needs to help him. She willed her weak arms and legs to move towards him, struggling as they felt so heavy.

She finally reached the bed and grabbed on to the blankets. She hoisted herself up. She now sat beside him, not knowing what to do. Observing his features.

He was struggling, the end of the hallway became darker and further out of his reach, he needed to save his comrades. Why was this so impossible for him? Why wouldn't his body do as he willed it?

She stared at him, not knowing how to stop his torment, it bothered her to no end. He never had this problem before when she watched him in his sleep. This was New. What was different from then and now? That's when she realised that she would hold him before. She looked at her new small and weak arms. She detested this new weak frame she now had. How was she supposed to protect him like this? He can't even fit her hands anymore.

She stared at her hands how small they were, she held them to his face, measuring, that's when what she had dreaded became a fact, his head couldn't even fit in her hands. This was awful. There was no way she could protect him now, she was too small, her eyes started mist up with tears.

Just as she was about to cry, she realised something. He wasn't frowning anymore, his face was now calm as it always used to be and his breathing was back to how it usually was. She smiled she made it stop, finally. She sat there, looking at him. Well being so small wasn't that bad, she could now see the finer details on his face.

Her eyes start to become heavy and she laid down next to Levi's sleeping form. She decided that she wasn't gonna leave his side. She didn't want him to hurt like that again. She might not be able to protect him, but she will at least protect his rest.

______________next morning_________

Levi woke up to the sound of his door slamming open, he got up ready to attack, but when he realised that it had been Hanji and Erwin , he relaxed slightly, but was still about to reprimand the hell out of them. However their eyes seemed to be trained on something else, not even noticing his rage. He then looked to the cot and realized that his titan was missing. He then realised what was going on. She was on bed with him. Her arm was wrapped around his bare lower waste, keeping his bottom half his body to bed. Her hair was sprawled out around her, her sleeping porcelain face rested in the ebony sea, a few loose strands covering her face, her rosey lips slightly parted. She looked so peaceful. Levi could not help but stare,

"Moving fast, aren't we?" Hanji said with a smirk, Erwin blushed at the comment.

"Get out!" Levi shouted at them, murderous intent shining in his eyes. They left immediately, well, Erwin dragged Hanji away immediately. Levi sat there, not in the mood for the scouts and their teasing. He looked down at the titan, whose eyes were now trained on him. He must have woken her with his sudden outburst.

Levi did not know what to do. She suddenly sat up and gently caressed his cheek. He sat in shock as he felt his face heat up. What was she doing?

"W-wha-" he stuttered,

"Calm" she answered in one word, her voice was so soft, but held a certain power to them, why? He did not know. He stared at her.

"Who are you, monster?" He asked. She just stared back him completely confused at his question. He sighed and moved her hand away from his face, much to her displeasure. He got up and went to the bathroom, leaving the confused titan girl on his bed.

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