Chapter 22

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Levi sat in the dining cabin, not interested in anything in particular. The smell of food and drinks hung in the air, as it was filled with the chatter of the scouts. This was the first time that he showed his face in the dining cabin in a while, ever since Gaia showed up, the opted to eat in his room, simply because she could not feed herself at the time and it would have been embarrassing for him to seen feeding her. Now that he gave it some thought he could not remember when she had officially learnt how to eat by herself, given that he still spoon-fed her every night. He sighed in at the realization that the titan probably already knew how to do a lot of things by now, but chose not to do it simply because she had him wrapped around her little finger. Especially now that they have "practised talking", he seemed to be incapable of denying her of anything she wanted. 

It has been a few days since their first kiss and they have not done it since then, not that she had not offered to "practise talking" with him again, because she has... every day... since then... each time was after she asked for some grapes. She was well aware of her new power.  Levi could not bring himself to accept her offer as he was well aware that she did not understand the weight of what she was doing.  So he would politely refuse her... shortly after giving her the grapes that she had asked for.

He could not help but smirk at remembering Hanji's reaction when she had asked the pair if they had any "new developments" the next morning. Gaia promptly responded with saying that they only "practised talking" which Hanji looked disappointed to hear, but did not pry any further, much to his satisfaction. Looking at Gaia now, his smirk could not help to broaden as she seemed to understand how important it is that no one knew about their kiss,

His eyes travelled to her legs, she was still in her wheelchair, however, Armin had reported to him weeks ago that they were currently in the process of teaching her how to walk. She did not seem to know how to just yet because he had to still carry her around the room this morning and wheeled her here, then again like he stated before he was well aware of the fact that she was milking the attention she got from him because of her incapability. He sighed once again and looked at her face once again. Then having their evening meal in the dining cabin was also a result of his recent inability to say no to her,  Hanji and Armin believed that them being in public will better her social skills and much to his disdain, she seemed to want to be here too...So here they were.

 He was not used to being in the same room as her and being so far away from her. It was strange, in their room, they remain on the bed most of the time, barely a meter apart. In his office, she would sit on a chair not too far away from him, where he could still play with her hair whenever he felt like it. This could not be helped, however, Levi was not about to sit at the same table as the rest of the scouts just because she was there. He was perfectly content drinking his tree and watching her from a distance... or at least that is what he told himself.

It has been a few months since her first appearance and the rest of the regiment has seemed to be used to her presence, as they stopped with their hushed whispers whenever she or he entered a room. Of course they still feared Levi and tended to stand straighter when he entered, but that was to be expected. Even though it had only been a few months, Levi could help but feel like it was longer, perhaps it was the fact that they spent most of their time together or perhaps it was how far she has come since being the eery girl in the cell. 

Even then as he watched her from his table, he once again found himself not believing that she was a titan. She was sitting with the usual people, laughing at whatever Jean and Eren were arguing about. She seemed so normal, the only thing that gave away that she was not like everyone else was that the people around her were putting food in her plate for her, other than that her carefree smile and short comments here and there hid all possibilities that merely months ago, she was not able to talk or feed herself.  

He could not help but chuckle at the face she pulled when she ate normal scout food. For some reason, the food quality was different between the different levels of hierarchy in the survey corps, simply because the higher-ups seemed to believe that the overall performance of the regiment would stay pristine if the captains were fed well. He was not entirely sure about that hypothesis. Jean and Eren under the orders of Hanji, would always run to the market place to buy fresh vegetables for her meals when she just started eating, believing that the food that they were getting served did not hold enough nutrition for the female titan. The tasteless grub she was currently eating did not seem to satisfy her.

He turned back to his tea, feeling that he had stared at her long enough. He was also well aware of the giggling coming from Hanji who had noticed him staring at Gaia, he was slowly learning to ignore. However, that proved to work against his favour when he failed to notice Hanji making her way towards him, 

"See something you like, Levi~?" She said, leaning close to his ear, causing him to scowl, 

"Surely you have something better to do, Hanji?" Levi asked irritate,

" Nothing better is teasing you about your beloved, heichou" She replied with a smirk,

"Please go away," he said rubbing his temples before Hanji could come up with a rebuttal,  she was interrupted by, 

"Levi not happy, Hanji," Gaia stated with a frown as Jean wheeled her over, 

"Levi is happy, princess, just not on the outside," Hanji said kneeling down in front of Gaia's wheelchair, she was answered by an arch of an unamused eyebrow from Gaia, 

"Okay..." Hanji sighed and hung her head, 

"Who would have thought she could have a bossy side?" Eren whispered over to Jean who had been watching the scene as well, 

"Well, she spends most of her time with Levi should we really be surprised?" He asked as if it was obvious, this caused the rest of them to chuckle.

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