chapter twenty-one

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I never liked this Somi girl.

She's giving me bad vibes since she came to the agency not a long time ago. We never talked but I know one thing for sure that we won't get along. She seems to be a hypocrite girl who uses her angelic face to have everything. Every time I see her on set, she is always scolding the staff and I don't tolerate this kind of behavior. People who work for models must be respected for the amount of work they give.

I despise her because she thinks she can have the nerve to yell at a poor hairstylist. Gosh, I hate this kind of people. I don't want to see her but I have to, unfortunately.

When I went to the night club and saw her giggling with other models, I was disappointed. When she decided to flirt with Lisa, I was even more disappointed.

"You okay?" my manager asks me with a worried look.

I take another sip of my drink and nod. This night club seems to be great because everyone is having a good time - except me. I am not a big fan of dancing with sweaty bodies surrounding me and strangers looking at me as if I'm a candy they would like to bite.

"I know you want to dance so go ahead. I won't mind staying alone," I told him and give him a small smile.

I don't want to ruin his night by forcing him to tag along with me. Even if he is in the run-up to his 30s, Jonghyun is still a man who want to have fun once in while. We met ten years ago through my parents and I consider him as my brother. He is kind and always there to protect me.

"You sure?" he frowns.

I chuckle and push him lightly out of the sofa, "Go or I'll change my mind."

He laughs and blends into the crowd in less than a minute. I take another sip of my drink before someone sits beside me. I saw him a few times in the studio and he's always hanging out with Somi.

"I'm Hendery," he says with a cheeky smile. "I like you. So, do you have a boyfriend?"

He doesn't seem to be patient when it comes to seducing someone. From his good looks and his husky voice, I bet women are throwing themselves at him. I smile at him and look at the surrounding.

"Straight to the point, huh?" I tease him and he begins to relax on the sofa.

"I don't see the point of hiding it. You're a beautiful woman and I want to know you better."

Since I have been annoyed by a stranger in a nightclub, I have avoided these places like the plague. Most men see women as prey and that scares me. The strong smell of cheap alcohol that emanates from this man prevents me from having a good time with him.

It reminds me of Jaden – too stupid to realize his drunkenness.

"What makes you think I would like to know you more?" I asked him and put my glass on the coffee table.

"I'm handsome," he simply answers.

I laugh at his remark and run my hand through my long brown hair. He entertains me by talking to me because most of the time, people are too afraid to approach me. However, the more he talks, the less I want to know him. His breath stinks strong alcohol and his red eyes give the impression that he smoked a whole pack of cigarettes before coming to me. He's going to have a hungover tomorrow and our director isn't going to be lenient with him.

I roll my eyes and look at me, "Believe what you want, sweetie."

I don't want to be rude to him because he seems to be kind and shimmering - when he's not drunk.

"I think it's about time we get out of here. Your apartment or mine?" said the young man next to me.

He smiles at me and I pray that Jonghyun will come soon. Looking at the dance floor, I see him dance and stick to a pretty brunette. He is not likely to come soon. I don't know how to show someone that I'm not interested in – without being a bitch. He doesn't seem lucid and the people around us love to gossip. I feel like he will get angry and insult me in all kinds if I reject him.

"I... My manager is waiting for me," I said, hoping he will understand the message behind it.

"Tell him you're coming with me," he suggests to me with a sly smile.

He is seriously starting to get on my nerves. I get up but he grabs my wrist. I throw him a death glare and push back his hand.

"Gosh, can't you take a hint ?"

Even though most of the models hanging on the VIP era is giving us curious stares, I let out a deep sigh and walk away. When I thought I will be having a good time, he comes ruining everything. I can feel some men looking at me which are quite terrifying: I'm not some candy they can have any time they want. I enter the public restroom and stand in front of a mirror. I'm so thirsty since I came here and the cold water of the tap soothes my dry throat. My throat vibrates and I open the message of Elijah.

Is Lisa with you? I tried to call her but she won't answer... Can you check on her, please?

Even being on her honeymoon, she continues to be overprotective with her sister. I wish Taehyung was more like her. This idiot is always on the moon or taking photos of our dogs Kuma and Yeontan.

I bite my lips and write a text message.

She's an adult, Eli. I'm sure she's fine.

The minute later, she writes me back.


if she's dead imma beat up your ass and I ain't kiddin'

I put my phone in my pocket and quit the restroom. She won't stop harassing me until I give her some updates on her dearest sister. Loud music and people rubbing against each other is the first thing I notice when I look at the dancefloor. This is ridiculous. I can't find her: there are a hundred people there. After scanning at least fifty faces hoping I would recognize her in them, I see a glimpse of blonde hair near the VIP era.

She's here.

I walk toward her and freeze on the spot when Somi crashes her lips on my best friend's little sister. At first, Lisa looks surprised but she quickly softens at the kiss and wraps her arms around Somi's neck. Full of rage, I walk towards them and push Somi away from Lisa. They look at me in shock under the iciness of my gaze.

"Je-Jennie ?" Somi said in a fearful voice.

"Leave the fuck her alone," I tell her.

Everyone knows that it would be the end of their career if they don't listen to me or to stand up to me. I spent years to build the amount of respect I have right now and she's nothing beside me. I can crash her dreams and she won't be able to stop it. It drives me nuts when I think about her and Lisa. Somi is a proudly bisexual and she uses this to gain fans among the LGBT community.

Perhaps, if Lisa hadn't met her, she would not have those sinful thoughts.

"I-I don't understand," she stutters.

"Lisa is not a dyke. You're the one who's messing with her head, right ?"

The girl begins to tremble in fear. I take another step causing her to shake her head. Someone comes between us and I widen my eyes at the sight of an angry Lisa. 

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