chapter forty-six [REPOST]

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I stare at my phone with a frown and clench my jaw.

Something's wrong with the last call I had with Jisoo and it bothers me a lot.  Why is she here? Don't get me wrong. I'm glad that she is currently in the same city as me, but I feel like there's something going on that I'm not aware of and Jisoo must be involved.

It was supposed to be a chilling trip to France for me to forget Jennie Kim. The shock was an understatement when I found a picture of her and Jisoo having lunch in a trendy restaurant of Toulouse from a fan account on social media.

What are they doing here?

From what I heard in our call, Jisoo didn't seem to know I was here. She didn't even know we were in the same town and I doubt that she prepared her trip to France. The coincidence is too suspicious. Jennie must be the reason for her presence here simply because she has the money and time to visit.

"What's wrong?" Taehyung asks me while sitting in the armchair beside me.

I take a deep sigh and let my back fall on the couch.

"Jennie is here," I state.

He stops looking at his phone and stare at me, dumbfounded. I guess his sister didn't bother to tell him that she is in France.

"This brat didn't even call me," he groans before rolling his eyes.

Knowing that the girl I can't get out of my mind is here is enough for me to feel a pang in my heart. I don't want to see her but at the same time, I would be disappointed if our paths do not cross.

"Jisoo wants to see me tonight, but Jennie might come along too," I admit and it almost sounds like a mumble.

I can feel the eyes of Taehyung on me, but I keep on looking at my phone placed on the coffee table. He knows I'm in love with his sister since twelfth grade on a Tuesday, June 16 to be more precise. Taehyung didn't approve at first because he knew that I will end up with a broken heart. Well, he was not wrong to be against it.

We are both aware of the fact that Jennie will never think of me as more than her best friend's little sister.

"I'll go with you if that's what you want."

I lift my head to look at him and he gives me a reassuring smile right after. I really appreciate his offer because I don't think I'm ready to face her alone. My phone vibrates and I turn it on to read the latest message.

From Jisoo-unnie :

Bowling Montaudran around 8 pm, don't be late !!

She's using way too much emojis, but I like her anyway.

"You up for bowling ?" I ask him.

"Hell yeah!" 

Even if Jisoo will be here, I feel like I can count on Taehyung if I want to leave. Since he came back to South Korea and invited to all of his parties, we became naturally closer. Not romantically obviously. We've known each other for a long time and we get along really well. I can trust him if I want to share something sensitive about myself.

The front door opens and the sight of Kai with a bag full of chicken appears.  We smile at him as he closes the door behind him and walks towards us.

"Sorry for the wait. I took the wrong bus," he apologizes making us chuckle at his lack of guidance.

I went to Toulouse because the city of love is a busy city where everyone is running out of time. I wanted to stay in a city smaller than the capital in which I can walk down the street and have a good time. Taehyung and Kai are still on holiday so they wanted to accompany me and I'm glad they did. I would have gotten lost if they weren't here.

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