chapter twenty-eight

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(warning: angst)


"I'm glad we did this," Elijah admits before yawning.

I spent the entire day chilling in the new apartment she shares with Jack. It's great to see her and hear that she's doing great. Jack is a gentleman and he loves her a lot. Sometimes, I'm wondering if I will find someone whom I love enough to spend all my days. I'm having a hard time trusting people but I'm working on it. I want to be a good mother someday and be in a healthy relationship.

"It's always great to see you, Jennie," Jack smiles at me while washing the dishes.

"So, how you doing ?" Elijah asks me before taking my plate and put it on the sink.

Four months have passed since my last time in Las Vegas and last month was one of the hardest months I went through. I worked harder than I should because I needed to keep my mind occupied. Jiyong told me multiple times to take some rest but I refused. Even now, my schedule for the three next weeks is full. I need this because working is the only thing that eases up the pain in my heart of losing Irene even if it's just a little bit. Her fate was sealed since the very beginning, I couldn't save her even if I had spent thousands of dollars on her treatment.

Irene gave her last breath on a rainy Friday night. I visited her in the morning and she knew that she didn't have much time so we hugged each other as if it was our last.

Unfortunately, it was our last.

Everyone bid her goodbye – except Lisa because she was in Paris for a fashion week. I think she's the one who is the most bruised at the loss of our friend because she didn't have the chance to hug Irene one last time. When she got on the plane but it was already too late, Irene was gone... forever.

God, I miss her.

I can't believe she won't knock at my door to go to the gym together. It makes me feel horrible to think that she is not in this world anymore. I will no longer be able to drink her delicious strawberry smoothie and listen to her little anecdotes.

God, I miss her so much.

I hope she is resting in peace.

"I've been working... a lot," I say causing her to look at me in disapproval. "It's distracting, I love my job," I continue hoping she will not judge me but I guess it's a lost cause.

"It's not healthy. You need to rest."

"I don't need rest."

She crosses her arms against her chest and quirks an eyebrow, "Bitch don't play with me, I know you're not fine. You work too much since Irene's death. I understand what you're feeling right now because I felt the same pain a few weeks ago. Irene was my best friend too. I had a hard time accepting the fact that she won't come back. You need to face the truth, Jennie. I'm trying to help you, okay?" she admits as I look down.

She's right, I have been distant with everyone these past few weeks. It takes me a lot of time to recover from the recent loss of someone that I treasure. She was a good listener. Even though, we know each other for only four years, she always proved to me that I can count on her whenever I had troubles.

"I didn't talk much with Irene but I think she will be sad to see you like this," Jack tells me with a shy smile and takes a seat beside Elijah. "You used to smile more."

I let out of deep sigh, "Fine, I'll call my manager tomorrow to clear my agenda for one week."

"One month," Jack retorts.

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